Last to Miss Layup Wins $10,000

Last to Miss Layup Wins $10,000

Today I gathered the biggest squad I could! The last one to miss a layup wins $1000!

Going to 5 NBA Games in 50 hours

Make the Shot, Leave the Snake Pit

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●Edited by Feddy ( and @joelemz
●Filmed by @travis & @matthew

PO Box
5627 Kanan Rd #608
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

#BucketSquad #2HYPE

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19 Responses

  1. Jesser says:

    Thank you all for 4 million!!! The support has been unreal

  2. Are U Super Cereal says:

    Jesse with those dunks tho 🔥💯

  3. Hotel Highlight says:

    Jesse’s editor is insane!!! The transitions are top class!!!🙏🙏💯💯🏆🏆

  4. Kayla Kemp says:

    Jesser never fail to keep the grind coming, always making his videos more n more better also more challenging for his friends to compete in.❤️

  5. Happy guy says:

    jesser is the king of basketball content and 2hype is awesome too keep putting in the work

  6. GodOf_basketball says:

    Jesser the goat never leaving us hanging. Respect the Grind

  7. Joe Nowak says:

    Seeing those dunks by the boys make me want a night time pool dunk contest with 2HYPE

  8. Tawanda says:

    Congratulations on 4 mil. Keep up the great work👍

  9. Dylan 236 says:

    This man the goat making the best content on YouTube respect

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