Deaths reported at Kabul airport as Afghans try to flee Taliban – BBC News

Deaths reported at Kabul airport as Afghans try to flee Taliban – BBC News

There have been scenes of panic at Kabul airport as desperate residents try to flee following the seizure of the Afghan capital by the Taliban.

Witnesses say at least three civilians died on Monday in the chaos at the airport, which is being secured by US troops. It is not clear whether they were shot or died in a stampede.

With scheduled flights suspended, many foreigners and Afghans are stranded.

The US and other countries are rushing to evacuate staff and allies.

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37 Responses

  1. Andrew Pamei says:

    As Mark twain once said, history doesnt repeat itself, but it rhymes a lot.

    • Shaneoxygen bond says:

      yupp nice history made trying to come to America climbing on the plane 😅😅😅😅
      some people are just dumb

    • Saif Vlogs says:

      *F A T F Terrorist — I M F Terrorist — C I A Terrorist*
      *America Army Terrorist — India Army Terrorist Germany Army Terrorist**

    • Gagan Pratap Singh says:

      @Penny Hardaway exactly

    • Shiva Hindu says:

      I know what’s the real problem in Afganistan.. actually 70% muslims of the World are celebrating this Taliban victory because for them this is the victory of Islam that’s why Afgan Army and government are also supporting Taliban indirectly, they are just fooling American government from last 15 years 🙏🙏

    • Nicolas Uribe says:

      @Abhishek Pardhi Incredible! The best comment yet!!!!!

  2. Mittal Kumar says:

    The only success American achieved in Afghanistan is that the Talibans have learnt English!

  3. says:

    My little brother just got deployed to Afghanistan. Prayers for our soldiers, prayers to the Afghan people 🙏 Very scary situation that could have been prevented.

  4. Mushtaq Naik says:

    The most disturbing thing i observed is these fleeing men seemed to have abandoned their women and children.

  5. Petagaye Graham says:

    I’m not religious but I really pray that these people gain the better life they deserve.

  6. Henry S says:

    what a waste of soldiers sacrifices and torn families the last 20 years.

  7. Daniel Huynh says:

    The situation in Afghanistan was a lose-lose situation. If we stayed, you get more unnecessary dead American troops at the cost of the American taxpayer when that money could have been safe elsewhere, alongside a corrupt government with a military unwilling to fight. Or you leave and the Taliban takes over installing a hardcore theocracy that will surely result in nasty human rights violations (Women will be the target) for years to come.

  8. Tebogo Gwati says:

    The biggest mistake we have done as global citizens is to think that particular nation’s from different parts of the world they can bring peace so let everyone get involved in bringing peace and stability

  9. Guli Gulomova says:

    It is insane. i feel so sorry for afghan people, especially for women and children. they are humans as we are ,they have a right to live in peace

  10. Reegz says:

    Proof that history repeats itself. Its Vietnam all over again.

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