Deion Sanders on Colorado’s Campus FOR THE FIRST TIME: Tours Football Facility & Stadium

Deion Sanders on Colorado’s Campus FOR THE FIRST TIME: Tours Football Facility & Stadium

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52 Responses

  1. Brandon Williams says:

    Respect to coach prime! Not only did he work for himself to make it to the big stage as a coach but took his coaches he coached with since youth ball with him throughout each stage , that’s respect!

  2. William O'Leary says:

    After listening to several of his talks with the Jackson State kids I really think he’s going to be a super successful College Coach.
    I’m rooting for him!

    • JesicaLynn says:

      @William O’Leary No worries!
      You Have a Great Sunday! 🙂

    • JesicaLynn says:

      @William O’Leary I Am A Huge Fan of Him as well. I respect Him so much and everything he has done For Jackson. It makes me Upset that people are talking negatively about him Now that he’s going to Colorado. Why wouldn’t he go?! I remember watching The show of Him and The Team in Jackson. When one of his coaches got an opportunity to Coach with The Vikings. He said that’s exactly what he wants for his coaches, players. You want them to succeed and Go UP! So, the people that are talking bad about him and saying all this crap because he’s going to Colorado make me upset!

    • William O'Leary says:

      @JesicaLynn All my responses should of only been too Tim A. Again my apologies if they were attached to anything you wrote.

    • JesicaLynn says:

      @William O’Leary It’s all Good! I was just confused. Lol.
      Have a Nice Sunday!🙂✌

    • William O'Leary says:

      You’re probably right, my apologies.
      The tima guy just annoyed me because he made it seem like I said something wrong when I’m a Deion fan and always have been. Except when he was a 49er and was shutting down the Cowboys receivers back in the day…lol

  3. Jacson Moody says:

    This honestly brought a tear of joy to my eye. When hugged daughter and asked her about her thoughts…

  4. Ms. Erika Martin says:

    I love that his kids go where dad goes. Says a lot about what kind of father he is and has been to them.

    • The Truth and nothing but the TRUTH says:

      @cinnamonstar808 and why would the NCAA be working on that ?

    • cinnamonstar808 says:

      THE SEPARATE BUT EQUAL is really showing on the tour. Im sure the NCAA is working on this
      Jackson, Mississippi… no running water. Colorado 2 lap pools in the gym FOR JUST the football team.

    • It’s a scary world says:

      @Lisa Pigg I don’t think shilo cares about going pro, I watched a video on him talking about life after JSU. NFL wasn’t on his agenda.

    • michael merlot says:

      @Lisa Pigg I feel like Shiloh ain’t happy. I don’t think the NFL is his dream and I remember being young and having to switch schools at that age

    • Lisa Pigg says:

      What about Shilo? Did yall see Shilo?

  5. Michelle latiker says:

    He left the way he was supposed to, on a great note. He had 2 SWAC championships and an undefeated season. Hopefully JSU and HBCUs will continue the momentum. Wish you the best Coach Prime.

  6. L Boogie says:

    I thank Coach Prime for showing JSU and the entirety of HBCUs what is possible. He achieved more in 3 yrs at JSU than many coaches do in 10 or more. Perfect season – 1st time ever. College GameDay at JSU – 1st time ever. GMA appearance. New facilities, new practice field, and more people talking about HBCUs than I’ve seen in quite a while. This was never about him becoming an HBCU coach til he retires. He blessed us with showing just what’s possible.

    • QuincyUltimate says:

      You need to be a journalist. Well said

    • Renee Thomas says:

      @stealf b I wasn’t speaking on the attendance. I was speaking more on his partnerships and connections to bring the new training field, locker room, gear, nutrition, motivational speakers and influencers, etc…..#priceless

    • John Henry says:

      @Rich Man that’s some grade A bull junk. There aren’t enough HBCU’s playing football to put a big enough dent in the pool of Black blue chip players to prevent the elite programs from getting them. Hell, just in TX. there’s over 60 Black blue chip recruits in the 2023 class with TSU & PV as the only HBCU’s in the state with football programs.

    • Undisputed says:

      Yep 3 years and now yall will be forgotten again 🤣

    • Darryl Duling says:

      Thanks for seeing all the positives that Coach Prime did…. what’s with all the animosity

  7. Humble Driver says:

    Leaving a home in a better place than it was before is a Legacy in the creation of Opportunities that did not once exist. Well Done Coach

    • Leon Lan says:

      @YungKaze ! Oh man, grow up and stop with the victim mentality. You sound like a 5 y.o. Did he use JSU? Grow up!!! He used JSU, yet JSU (athletic department) got more done in those 3 years than in the previous 20 years.

    • Humble Driver says:

      @YungKaze ! perhaps but everyone in life should always aspire to improve their conditions at no one’s benefit other than their own. I stand by my statement

    • Neicey Wynn says:

      @YungKaze ! and JSU used him they got just as much out of as he did. Yet here less crime and running water. With a bigger facility and nice pay check

    • YungKaze ! says:

      A stepping stone to a bigger white school is what it was he used jsu

    • Keith Smith says:

      From a man’s heart he speak

  8. Cute LadyBug DrSBMid says:

    I’m a JSU alumnus (undergrad) and I was a bit angry with Coach Prime for leaving JSU so soon, but now that I see what he and his staff have moved on to, I cannot blame him for making the decision he made. He left an awesome legacy and an awesome challenge for the next JSU HC, but he gave the school and HBCUs a lot. We are grateful and we wish Coach Prime the best. What an awesome welcome. May God bless his time and each and every one of his days at Colorado.

    • Darius H. says:

      @brnxpinstripes they can’t compete will a big schools financially smh.

    • Ardis Owens says:

      When he was previously asked about leaving he said he would be a fool not to because he needed to take care of his coaches. The difference between HBCU and power 5 money for those assistant coaches is night and day.

      And the point about the players and parents that were left behind by coach prime… unlike when I played they have the transfer portal the players can move just as easily as the coaches. Those players gained exposure and experiences they couldn’t have gotten at any other hbcu and many are better for it. Some may follow coach prime if it makes sense for them, some will stay, and some will move elsewhere. Those kids arent salty at coach prime they all want to get to the next level as well.

    • Darryl Duling says:

      @Kevin M. To me it sounds like your talking common business sense…. in the JSU business case Coach Prime was a ‘fixer’ …. which is common in coaching and business. He fixed one program…another program is seeing the value he adds which attracted their attention so now he is moving on with his frame work to try to ‘fix’ another program. Isn’t that basically what Nick Saban did with a faltering Alabama program. Sometimes in life you have to enjoy the moment and be grateful for them….as historians often ask… What if…. what if Coach Prime never went to JSU to coach?

    • Kevin M. says:

      I don’t understand why people get upset with someone like Coach Prime, when white coaches regularly leave a program they’ve built from scratch to go to a better situation. He’d be a fool not to. He used his name and influence to get them a first-rate training facility. He didn’t have to, he chose to. He built a culture of winning. He showed JSU how to do it, now they need to keep doing it. Colorado doesn’t know how to do it; why shouldn’t he take the time to show them how?

    • ms san2016 says:

      @BaahBen This the part that hurts me the most. l understand the politics and the moves he has to make for him and his son Shedeur, but it does feel like those guys get the short end of the stick. Hopefully they have great leaders in their lives because lm sure this is a hard blow for many of those players.

  9. Ted Graham says:

    Deion has always been a traveling man. He does his job and moves on. I remember how he went from The A to Dallas and then to the 49ers. We see what he did at his previous job what he did for that team. I really think Deion does this not for money but for his legacy.

  10. Sara Bishop says:

    THANK YOU Coach Prime for believing in us and injecting pure excitement back into this program. We will support you all the way!!!

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