skibidi toilet 60

skibidi toilet 60

astro toilets are mad on g-toilet’s failures
skibidi dop dop dop yes yes
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34 Responses

  1. Alex Spider [スパイダー] says:

    Getting some more intense vibes for skibidi toilet episode

    Awesome animation

  2. Ermac says:

    Mad respect to the two camera men who knew the risk but still completed the mission and gave their lives infiltrating the toilets giving the titans a much needed warning for what’s about to come.

  3. Shehab 🥶🔥 says:

    Let’s appreciate that these two camera man sacrifices their life to get information from the skibdi toilets

  4. Circus Train Railfanner says:

    First time we’ve actually seen skibidi toilets have an actual conversation with each other other than episode 17 and we rarely see the media people plotting something against the skibidi toilets. Instead we usually see them fighting and killing the skibidi toilets instead

  5. Monkey.D. Luffy says:

    Mad respect to those two cameraman sacrificing their life for intel ❤

  6. Mogswamp says:

    I like hearing them talk to each other in the skibidi language

  7. Doge lover says:

    This man has the most insane animations but moment of silence for all the lost camera men

  8. 100K Subs With 0 Video says:

    Demos gracias a este amable hombre por su excelente serie y el trabajo que pone en cada capítulo.

  9. Galaxy Gaming says:

    Can we just appreciate the hard work dafuqboom did so we can enjoy

  10. Th3Bucket6 says:

    This serious has gone so far that it now feels like a movie split into apart and the honest work put into it is way too good

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