difficulty eating new york pizza

difficulty eating new york pizza

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i went to new york, and had pizza in new york. the experience was really fun. i saw a lot of stuff and ate a lot of food but the highlight of the journey was the pizza from some random pizza joint. it was a really interesting experience because in the midwest everything is calm and spread out, in new york (and this was the first time ive been in new york) it’s all dense and active! i really liked it i wish i could be there more tbh.

i actually had a lot more to say in this video, but i cut it down because i ran out of time and needed to post today for CONTRACT REASONS which is not fun or preferable. I have been working on posting more but somehow always always always run up against some deadline. I am going to implement a new strategy where I am making a little bit of content every day instead of planning a ton and then making a lot of content all at once. idk what’s the solution, but hopefully this workflow will be better for me. I just want to very casually make a video and be like “hey i was in ny had pizza was a good time” or “hey i did this thing here’s what happened funny jokes bla bla bla” and not have it be once every one or two months. idk im just venting at this point. just know that i really appreciate you checking out the video even though my posts are super spotty, it’s really helpful.

thank you for watching as always ❤️

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37 Responses

  1. Haminations says:

    It’s like eating a turkey sandwich with Doritos after a long day on the lake. Even though the bread is stale and it’s the most basic food ever, it tastes like actual heaven because you were swimming all day.

  2. Open Hider says:

    As someone who’s never left my home state of Florida, hearing about this journey to pizza land made me think of my pizza land over here. Florida isn’t really known for pizza, and sure we got pizza places, and man do a lot of em sell some huge pizzas, but I really do think one of the best pizza places ever are here. It’s a family business, called Pizza 2000, and they’re Italian. (So you know it’s good man)
    Never in my life had I had pizza as good as theirs, never had I ever heard of CHUNKY pizza until I was there and oml I don’t think I’ll ever stop eating it. It’s so good, soft, and cheesy, and let me tell you, ordering to go and eating in are TWO DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES. They both are amazing to boot. Seriously, anyone in Florida or visiting has to eat there. I didn’t particularly enjoy pizza until I ate there man… It changed the gameeee 😩 the pizza even tasted good while colddd, fresh out of the fridgeee

  3. Shinehiro Magnólia says:

    Brazilian “frango com catupiry” pizza is like, my go-to EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to eat pizza. It’s just… Soooooo gooooood.

  4. Ashley N says:

    Literally the worst pizza I’ve had in my entire life was in NYC. When you lifted any slices 1cm of grease rolled off and onto the plate. The pizza grease even bled through the entire pizza box and stained shiz.
    Ugh. I still gag at the memory.

  5. Infamous Swoosh says:

    this is andy’s 3rd video on pizza… i wonder if he likes it…

  6. shneancy says:

    the absolute best pizza I’ve ever had was (or rather, literally currently is, I’m eating it rn omg it’s so good) from a pizzeria in my university town, I’m pretty sure it’s family owned and the owners are Italian immigrants that try and both appeal to the British, and keep the pizza the best they can. And oh my *GOD* is it working. Their pizza is always so cheesy, so juicy, so fresh, so tomatoey, so fucking tasty I’d rather have a slice than an orgasm.
    And to additionally put in perspective how good it is – even after you’ve left the leftovers in your room for 12h without refrigeration (excuse the health risk) the leftovers still taste like a pretty good pizza. Just imagine the god like levels of tastiness this pizza has to have that even after that it’s still really good.
    It’s simply the best. If you’re ever around Aberystwyth give Hollywood Pizza a shot. Their pizza is the best a man can ask for

    • serene says:

      @shneancy I’m fasting and not in either country or places yall talking about but hey, hope you enjoy the burger and the chocolate cake!! I too hope one day I could taste the pizzas ✨

    • shneancy says:

      @Alexander Collinge a burger without veggies with a chocolate cake? Sounds like a great meal for fuelling my desperate attempts to deliver all the essays on time, I’ll be sure to try that soon! Thanks

    • Alexander Collinge says:

      @shneancy absolutely, my personal favourite is the chicken burger with bbq sauce and no salad because scurvy hasn’t killed me yet. Oh and get the chocolate cake, that shit slaps

    • shneancy says:

      @Alexander Collinge the only time I had their burgers my stomach got mad at me so I’ve been avoiding them, should I give them another go?

    • Alexander Collinge says:

      Can’t believe I’ve found someone from Aber in the wild like this holy shit
      Are you gonna hunt me down if I say I like Hollywood’s burger deals more than their pizzas? They’re just so cheap

  7. TheAMaazing says:

    Now imagine… New York pizza…. With ✨ banana peppers ✨

  8. Abstract_Animations says:

    I love how my day was literally one of the worst ones ever, and then I get something I ordered a few months ago, and this. Made my day better by a lot

  9. CrankeryPattery. says:

    If you listened to “New York, New York” on the drive to the airport, none of these challenges would of have happened!

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