#DinnerWithTheDon featuring K Hood @Rollitupk

#DinnerWithTheDon featuring K Hood @Rollitupk

#DinnerWithTheDon featuring K Hood @Rollitupk

Todays Menu –
Jerk Chicken

Leave Comments for new menu ideas!!

Instagram –
Ari – https://www.instagram.com/therealkylesister/
Remedy by Ari – https://www.instagram.com/remedybyari/

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40 Responses

  1. Queen Diamond says:

    I need Zoie in this show for sure it’s gonna be hilarious.

  2. Brishonda Wooten says:

    Kay, Tuson, and Ari all in one room.. laughing non-stop this whole video🤣🤣❤️

  3. Ray says:

    I love how k didn’t let them push her around like they do everybody else 😭

  4. Tatianna Dangel says:

    Ari cooked the whole meal herself 😂

  5. Baked Tiffany says:

    I died laughing when Tuson tried to squeeze them lemons from behind her 😭😭

  6. Ceiwan Davis says:

    K is funny AF I was smiling this whole episode

  7. Kii Higgs says:

    I’m not even 5 mins in and I’m smiling big for K! I love this, so happy for her! 🫶🏾

  8. Liz Darden says:

    I loved this episode but Tuson was really doing the most in the beginning and usually he’s my favorite but he was super extra toward K for some reason. Ari was super cool and chill.

  9. L’dy Lauren says:

    Ari actually seems soo uncomfortable with Tuscon being all aggressive with K..
    and K just seems high and annoyed 😂

  10. Michayla Theresa says:

    I needed Tuson and K’s personalities together I swear 😭💯🤣🤣❤️❤️

    Ari is acting shy a little bit but intrigued by K.😏

    • hernamesMissyJ says:

      First off, she probably feels K energy . K being extra she’s probably nervous to be on the show & to be in front of a bad bitch like ari . And second Tucson & K together is lowkey tense idk if they’re playing or serious but that’s also how Ari and Tucson relationship is ya know … but them too, different typa entertainment. Idk they gon have to run this episode back with a part 2 & a lil more coordinated + alcohol . Always does the trick lol she should add a twist to the show frFR I’m so proud of this woman she done came outta nowhere with a cooking show although I remember her speaking on it prior to her starting it . I just love seeing it get done🥹 GO ARI & GO @michaylatheresa8303 idk you but rooting for you in whatever your name is on May god bless your abundantly my sister !💕🧡

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