SNL stole my video

SNL stole my video

Check out the creators mentioned in the video below!

@Alex Martens
another steven segal movie –
Masked Boy Helps a Crucified Kid – FREAKS! –

@Be Back Whenever
I’m leaving –
my roommates want me to do WHAT?! –
when you move into a new home –

secret agent squad but they’re all just the hacking guy –
how they do small talk in sci-fi movies –

I Crashed the BANG BUS –
My Giant Red Bull Can STOLEN –

@Wizards with Guns
This Pawn Stars Knockoff is Worse than You Think. –
The Mysterious Case of Who Sh*t My Pants –

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24 Responses

  1. TDT says:

    Incredible humility. Incredible rationality. Absolute 100% respect, my dear sir.

  2. Aternal says:

    Nobody else would have responded the way you did, Joel. You’re a really good friend taking the opportunity to point the spotlight at your friends and co-comedians the way you did.

    • Space Audits says:

      Much love and respect to Joel. He’s an alchemist now. He just transformed a negative into a positive and put a lot good energy out into the world in a time where people just complain and make themselves out to be victims.

    • phillymob says:

      Talk about people needing to hear this. So refreshing and so honest. Props to you Joel! Can’t wait to check out more of your stuff.

  3. PopCross Studios says:

    Since I started watching your stuff I’ve thought you were super funny, but seeing this is a really nice sign to see that you’re also a really humble and kind person. Great stuff!

  4. Luke Lawrence says:

    Joel, you are a superlative human being. I love your stuff, the skit in question is one of my favourites of yours, and the way you so graciously handled this situation and used it to give a spotlight to artists you think aren’t getting enough recognition is just awe inspiring. I wish I could give someone a standing ovation over the internet

  5. Andrew H. says:

    I still can’t believe how genuine and wholesome Joel is when it comes to things like this. I’m so glad to be able to share a timeline with him <3

  6. Howard / Håvard Ramberg says:

    It’s okay Joel sometimes we just gotta let the small creators like SNL believe in themselves

  7. Voyager says:

    You are genuinely one of my favorite creators mainly because of how real you are. You’re never afraid to make a video like this just talking to your viewers. Very rare and very appreciated.

    • Alicia Fraser says:

      How does that make them real though? If someone who didn’t like talking like this forced them selvesto do so regardless, would that still be “real?” Just because they’re being open? I don’t quite understand why him talking about how he feels about the situation makes him more “real.” Talking about ones feelings in a video, personal or not, isn’t rare on YouTube or even the internet at all… Is it because he was so chill, and didn’t get upset? Or, is it more because he’s saying things you agree with, or in a way you too view the world? I should point out I don’t like or hate this creator, they’re whatever to me, I’m just genuinely confused by all the statements saying this exact she thing, calling it rare.

  8. Edward Baquet says:

    You’re a class act, Joel. Not everyone has the self awareness to realize that as lame as this sort of thing is it doesn’t steal from how well you’ve been doing, and even less people would pivot that to point to others who create as emphatically as you or the SNL cast does even if it doesn’t get such high views.

    That said I’ll be sure to do more than pat your back. I’ll do as you suggest to support the community by watching a film noire about doodoo pants.

  9. austin myers says:

    What an amazing shout out to support the great creators hidden in the far corners and crevices of youtube! Way to shed some light on them and lift them up his way man. You never stop surprising me with the wholesome content and I’m happy I ran across your channel the way I did. The things you do are purely insano mode! Good on you and good luck to yourself and all the creators you mentioned. Hope you all make it big and continue to spread this type of love ever further.

  10. Steve Manjowski says:

    Where 99.9/100 people would’ve used this opportunity to produce some self serving publicity & drama Joel took the opportunity to selflessly platform the small creators who needed it most. Your capacity for good is as always very inspiring Joel. Keep up the good work and thanks for the very good recommendations!

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