Do these mental health products even do anything?

Do these mental health products even do anything?

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00:00 – the cove
03:04 – the ads
11:22 – the unboxing couch
23:15 – the results
39:24 – the rest of the video


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35 Responses

  1. Harald Hope says:

    Do YOU even do anything, Drew?!?!

  2. Anthony Selkowitz says:

    The transformation of Drew’s content over the years from ranting about terrible influencers to terrible products is amazing and seamless.

  3. Hazeljv says:

    As someone currently going through the process of getting diagnosed with ADHD at 26 (who also has anxiety/depression), I really hate these scam products that claim to “increase focus”. They’re very clearly trying to prey on the recent increase in ADHD/mental health awareness on social media, and it feels REALLY scummy to target a group of people who tend to have issues with stuff like impulse purchasing (and also forgetting to return items within a return window). I haven’t been getting too many physical products suggested to me, but I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for subscription apps “to help ADHD”, and from what I can tell they are basically ALL garbage.

    • Watermeloski says:

      Scams are predatory and sadly work for a reason. EDIT: The more debunkers the better. Praise Mark Robers and Drew Goodens of the world.

    • luxie says:

      @Kelly Hillsomg i love how to adhd!

    • S MW says:

      @Goat pepper herbal tea focusing on mental health is NOT counter productive… mental health matters SO MUCH. But yes these products are bogus. But mental health care is not.

    • S MW says:

      I was diagnosed last year and I’m in my 30’s and YES… they’re legit… idk meds help. Therapy helps, I had an anxiety attack last week for the first time since taking my meds and it was weird and for no reason. But yeah… these things don’t work. Also good luck 😊

  4. Ujai says:

    “Every time Amanda steps into the kitchen, something terrible seems to happen” really got me.
    I appreciate the effort you put into your ad reads.

  5. Inexperienced Lad says:

    as someone who also has really bad anxiety and had a really bad panic attack today i appreciate drew talking about his experience

  6. Udahara says:

    As someone that suffers from sever panic disorder, its really comforting to hear even guys who seem to have it totally together still struggle (not that I’m happy you have to deal with panic attacks, I’d prefer no one did) But its nice to know you’re not alone, I guess is what I’m trying to say.
    Thanks for the honesty, and so so so many laughs. Your content is something I greatly look forward to.

    • Anxiouslycurly says:

      Hey same here. It’s always weird to come across people who are always on the top of their game like they never slack off they do everything right always …. like dude how do you never get stressed 🙄

    • Vos Timor says:

      Is your name and avatar your own spin of the character Urahara from Bleach? I may be way off and you may not even know what I’m talking about, but all I wanna say is that I love your username and avatar!
      I hope you are slowly but surely able to completely conquer the disorder. It took me years but I was able to put on a tight leash on my OCD. Wishing you all the best!

    • Cailee Nichols says:

      I was thinking the same thing!! I was like “yay drew posted a video” and then he was so real asf telling us his brain had sometimes I was so :3

    • avp says:

      i have panic and dissociation every day so i have an idea of how hard that is for you. no idea where you are but i’m rooting for you ❤

  7. otterworldly says:

    I love watching Drew slowly develop a debilitating shopping addiction

    • Muneeb says:

      @xiǎo 小 He makes bank off these videos so he’s fine

    • mahal♥︎ says:

      @ian “I don’t even like wearing pants” that’s so real of you🫡 I’m proud of you for not buying those pants tho bestie

    • John Smithe says:

      Soon he’ll do a video on his own episode of my strange addiction to Instagram shopping 🤣

    • Eldritch Thrumming says:

      @xiǎo 小 Sometimes, they can use these products for a tax write off because it’s part of their job, and the sponsorships help pay the bills, too.

    • Eldritch Thrumming says:

      Seriously, I could watch these videos all day. I’m always curious about whether or not they work, but can’t afford them.

  8. Taellor says:

    I recently had a 4+ hour panic attack that came out of nowhere at work. It would not go away and I eventually had to go to the ER (luckily I work in a hospital) but it was still a terrifying, exhausting and of course embarrassing experience.
    Hearing that you also have panic attacks and have had a recent 2 hour one, (which im sorry you had to experience) somehow makes me calmer knowing I’m not alone. Thank you and great video as always.

  9. mochamoo says:

    it’s gross how companies like this take advantage of those with mental health issues just to get more money. great video drew ❤

  10. honkis bonkis says:

    Say what you will Drew, but these things genuinely made me feel smarter. I bought one for hundreds of dollars, wore it daily, and then finally had the brainpower and motivation to realize I’d been scammed.

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