Dodgers vs. Padres Game Highlights (8/25/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Padres Game Highlights (8/25/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Padres full game highlights from 8/25/21, presented by @Mattress Firm

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48 Responses

  1. 51 50 says:

    I was waiting for the highlights!! I told my mom “I think the person that does the highlight went to sleep already” lol 16 innings shhheesshhh ⚾️

  2. Jason Giannaros says:

    Fun fact: the Dodgers pitching staff got 28 Padres hitters out in a row without an unintentional walk or a hit. That’s more than a perfect game

  3. RTNANDEZ96 says:

    What an outstanding pitchers duel. Both Blake Snell and Walker Buehler were locked in. Then the game became wild in extra innings. The bullpen for both teams were also on a roll. Also can’t forget Kenley Jansen’s 1000th Strikeout. What a game!

  4. Evan M says:

    Let’s go boys!!! Moved to the East Coast a few months ago and all the games are late as sh/t now, but this was definitely worth staying up!

  5. Charles Tolley says:

    Knew it would be crazy when they skipped the first inning recap

  6. Ivan Reña says:

    game started 10am local time here and finished a minute before 4pm. incredible. just learned of this game going the distance after i checked the MLB app by 2pm in the office and it was the 12th inning already! great game for both teams but it’ll have ramifications to them for sure.

  7. Cameron Black says:

    What a WILD game tonight! All I could do was laugh every time the next inning started, then laugh even harder as it continued after the 15th.

  8. Black Asian says:

    Will smith is the real mvp of this game, dude catch lots of wild pitch on the extras.

    • Dookie Augustine says:

      @Big Pun loo nope

    • A C says:

      @YoungBoys Dad Robert’s wanted Will to catch for Kershaw the last time Kershaw pitched before his injury so he would get used to him.

    • R O says:

      @Big Pun rent free in your head. LOL

    • Josué says:

      @Big Pun you could’ve maybe tried to argue that earlier in the season (even tho it wasn’t true at that time either) but saying that right now?! Please, you’re dreaming

    • Edward Sarinana says:

      I’m baseball and also sports fan.

      Speechless 😶 about WillSmith!
      Totally Has Grown to be the 🔷LAD🔷Reliable Clutch Offensive Catcher.

      May not have Numbers for a Quality Defensive Catcher (Molina or Posey).

      But, WillSmith will Do.


  9. christian ruvalcaba says:

    Props to will smith catching and still hitting for all those innings.👍

  10. Robert Crisantos says:

    I’m a huge dodger fan and I love games likes these. Both teams pitching was outstanding… focus and both teams playing like it was game 7 .. love it no hate just two teams playing to win…..good game to both teams….now this late write up at work is worth it. I over slept watching 16 innings of great baseball

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