Does the RUDICON NEED a new MOTOR?

Does the RUDICON NEED a new MOTOR?

The RUDICON can’t make it home, so we pick it up with a tow truck. Then we need to solve the bigger problem…

Don’t forget to check out @Robby Layton and see what he’s up to!

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20 Responses

  1. Robby Layton says:

    I vote absolutely yes to a rat rod build you will love it and with your skill it will be the ultimate off-road on road vehicle!!

  2. Kevin Vanderhoef says:

    I love how Otis just lays next to the running forklift, he just doesn’t care, my dog would be terrified of it 😂

  3. Jordan says:

    Trevor and Rudy together again at last! Trevors quiet excitement when he hears he’s going on an adventure with Rudy 😊

  4. Puff Man says:

    If your up for the ratrod build I’d say go for it. I think it would be a fun build to watch.
    Also nice job with the new channel so far Rudy, I enjoy popping over here right after checking out your dad’s latest video.

  5. Chris Viking says:

    1st, can’t wait to see what you have in store for “Old Rusty Cars” 2nd, glad your jeep wasn’t pillaged by scavengers & 3rd, would have been hilarious to see YouTubers from the area tag Rudicon with they’re stickers. Love watching all the “Good Clean Fun” you guys have.

  6. flipnotrab says:

    Those straight six jeep motors are nearly impossible to kill/seize. Yeah, it might drop a cylinder (or three!), but they will cool down and continue to chug along.

  7. Vito T says:

    Trevor deserves way more props on both channels.

    • Kevin Walters says:

      @Doug you must have never seen Randy in the wild go back and look at some of the older videos with some of the old crew LOL

    • Doug says:

      That’s for sure, the man can run the desert like no other man I’ve seen. 👍🇺🇸

    • Rudy Muller says:

      Trever has a great and quick sense of humor, always funny to listen too

  8. Dwayne Deason says:

    Trevor and Rudi, couple of really good guys!

  9. Richard Hill says:

    Rudi, your a lucky guy with all the support you got. If you have the space, time, and money it would be fun for your channel to cover. A rat rod has to stand out, so it lot of planning to get all of the interesting details to work together. Just a thought, have you considered having the Rudicon wrapped instead of paint? Might be a good time for something like that when the engine is down.

  10. David Sams says:

    Rudy about to try to fly a disk to the dumpster, “Do you think I can make it?”

    To voice of reason behind the camera, “No”.

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