Doja Cat – Demons (Official Video)

Doja Cat – Demons (Official Video)

Doja Cat // Demons // Get It Here //

New Album “Scarlet” Available 9.22 //

Directed by: Christian Breslauer & Doja Cat
Producers: Michael Breslauer, Sam Houston, Luga Podesta, Nicholas Pistone, Brandon Bonfiglio, Andrew Lerios
Creative Director: Brett Alan Nelson
Director of Photography: Elias Talbot
Production Designer: Alex Delgado
Production Company: London Alley & The Lucky Bastards Inc.

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39 Responses

  1. LT.LICKME says:

    Visuals were actually sick

  2. Jackie Laurens says:

    One thing I love about doja is the fact that she doesn’t conform the typical female rapper aesthetic (the whole imma baddie thing). She experiments and innovates the genre, I feel like this is why she gets backlash because people aren’t use to something different, they claim they’re tired of the same basic thing but then are unprepared and shocked when they get something new because it’s so unfamiliar. She’s just ahead of her time, give it a bit y’all will catch up.

  3. Theo King says:

    One thing about Doja, she actually is unique and very creative.

  4. Алина says:

    She evolved in her music so much and even plays with all these “satanic” rumors about her. One day she will be praised for this and called iconic just like Lady GaGa (typical pop-culture thing: to bully someone and then adore them after a couple of years)

  5. Eslam Hamada says:

    i don’t care what they’re saying about her but her music is always impeccable !

  6. Vivi says:

    I’m not going to lie, this creeped me out to my core. She’s doing it right! Love how she presses the boundaries of art! Haven’t even felt this disturbed from a movie in a hot minute!

  7. Mallory Brinkley says:

    I’m glad she’s not taking people talking shit too personally bc she’s so amazing

    • mimi says:


    • Playghurl Dymund says:

      She’s popping her ish in this song though❤

    • Ree says:

      This is evil y’all.. she’s saying it straight up.. what more do you need? Drake did too on his last album.. blatantly. Buuut.. ugh.. these beats are EATING! I’m so conflicted rn! 😩🙏🏾

      Stop with the whole “she’s not taking us seriously”.. she is.. and she’s quite proud of herself.. she knows what she’s up to!

  8. Даниил Накашидзе says:

    I still don’t know how she and her team even created this in their mind: so unique and you can feel the symbols and links between all of her 3 singles and videos so far

    • Leann Stéfan says:

      riight this era feels the most cohesive yet. she really took the time to develop the concepts. its cool that this 3rd single finalizes and i think i get it now. im excited for the album❤

    • Wingless Angel says:

      You just aren’t used to creativity bc the culture is BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN EVERYWHERE

  9. Travis Howard says:

    Good for her for not letting the people who say she sold her soul get to her! She turns around and uses that shit for material and I love her for it! Troll on them haters Doja! ❤❤

  10. Krishna Srivastav says:

    Doja is the definition of talent.❤

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