“Dragon Ball DAIMA” Teaser Trailer / Fall 2024

“Dragon Ball DAIMA” Teaser Trailer / Fall 2024

An all-new series, “Dragon Ball DAIMA”.
Drawn by the original creator, Akira Toriyama, a story never told in “DRAGON BALL” begins!

Original work, Story & Character Design by Akira Toriyama
DRAGON BALL OFFICIAL SITE en.dragon-ball-official.com

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38 Responses

  1. Jay Beans says:

    I like how people went “WE WANT A NEW DRAGON BALL ANIME NOW” and then Toriyama went “okay, have GT 2”

  2. Shotgun gamer says:

    I will truly never understand how we have such godlike animation but not a continuation of the manga

  3. Vegas Withdrawal says:

    1984….this franchise is 5 years older than I am and is still incredibly popular and making new stuff. Even became the highest rated show on all of cable tv once in the early 2000s. Very impressive

  4. Anthony28 says:

    Yo quería la continuación de la saga de moro 😢😢

  5. alsanche says:

    Se nota que va a tener ,buena animación 🎉pero todos querían la continuación de la saga de moro😢

  6. luis seg ball says:

    Tal vez una historia innecesaria, pero mientras sea de dragon ball, hay que verla! Algún día toriyama no estará y nos va a hacer falta estas series 😢

  7. Prince Vegeta says:

    The animation looks lovely, can’t wait to see it!

    Won’t lie I wanted more super but Ill take what I can… 😭

  8. Vanderlei Bonfim says:

    podiam fazer um filme contando a história da origem do Zeno, como se tornou quem ele é, e a sua relação com os deuses da destruição e os anjos

    • Lost.. says:

      No disrespect but that is the worst idea for a web anime.

    • Gogeta Edits says:

      ​@Lost.. nem tanto, seria bom conhecer a história do universo dês de sua origem, como surgiu Zeno, das criações dos universos e deuses, do porque o Zeno ser o ser acima de todos, faria todo o universo de Dragon Ball ter sentido e ninguém poderia dizer q Dragon Ball não tem história, Dragon Ball é gigante, muitas coisas merecem ser exploradas

    • Douggh says:

      ​@Gogeta EditsVerdade, aí ninguém poderia reclamar

  9. Yon Rex Gamer YT ツ says:

    Each year, the animation increased more. A cheer for this proyect

  10. Yousef Jeff says:

    Honestly, I’d rather have something new and unexpected over Super 2. Plus that animation is so good. Please make this story good Toriyama. 🙏

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