Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO is coming to theaters around the world starting this August! More info here! http://2022dbs-global.com

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  1. ToohTaafTeeK says:

    Now that I watched the trailer, I really got to catch up before Super Heroes in 2 months! Me, my big brother and my uncle are planning to watch the dubbed version in IMAX for August, and I was waiting for this to come after all! Dragon Ball is one of the animes I never get bored of. 馃榾馃悏馃惒

  2. Saturn Galactic says:

    I had a feeling in my loins Gamma 2 would be voiced by Zeno Robinson. Can鈥檛 wait to watch this!

    • Only Funny says:

      I pray that all your prayers will be answered 馃檹馃槉馃槏

    • haran Fuzzball18 says:

      @Big T. Larrity Yeah I didn’t either I guess he needed a break so they gave Clifford Chapmin the role.

    • Big T. Larrity says:

      @haran Fuzzball18 wait what?? Dismuke isn’t voicing shirogane in season 3? I didn’t notice at all, why did they replace him?

    • AtticusRh0des says:

      Yeah its the same guy who did 009 in the early 2000’s and thats not a mistake since gamma 1 and 2 are based on the 70’s 009 characters.

    • haran Fuzzball18 says:

      @Jvm2099 Alot of new gen VA’s have that kinda voice so I see what you mean. sometimes its hard to tell the difference. They gave Dismuke a break this season and switched him with Chapman for love is war and I still can’t hear the difference.

  3. jakisz says:

    I’m seeing it, probably twice. Gohan deserves to be the star.

  4. Joshua Mohlman says:

    I will never get tired of this franchise

  5. Timothy Boyd Jr says:

    I can’t wait to see it in theaters and when the DVD is released I’ll buy it

    • walter soprano says:

      @AtticusRh0des Oh if its the same you bet i’ll buy a blue ray, but in Canada, Quebec at least, Blue rays are around 10 bucks more expensive than a normal DVD

    • Tylan Hastens says:

      I buy dvds as my collection

    • Bayley Inc says:

      @M Y T H I C A L N O V A Well Disney have done with a few films, small changes sometimes, Lilo and Stitch for example, changes the scene where she hides in the over to hiding in a pizza box. Netflix and other streaming services will constantly remove shows and movies

    • Rome Herrera says:

      Lol the comments about DVDs being outdated. I guess we are heading into a new world order 馃槀 I’m still an OG I’ll probably pick up a DVD of it as well if it’s offered DBS is my shit

  6. Gerardo Torres says:

    So many familiar sounding voices for the new characters. I can’t wait!馃槃馃槃

    • M Y T H I C A L N O V A says:

      @Bearded Cat Not true.

    • M Y T H I C A L N O V A says:

      @Nimo Dhar Proof?

    • miniandrewmini says:

      Charles Martinet is magenta! 馃槷
      I’m waiting for the English dub

    • Manos Vourvahis says:

      @Elmar Mol tbh i didnt care about cell max since if i was expecting it to just be the old cell it wouldnt make sense since he was legit deleted by gohan in dbz and he is currently in hell instead i looked at the new stuff. i liked gamma 1 and 2 in terms of character design and personality and i was hyped when new transformations for both gohan and piccolo were shown, fights were decent but i didnt expect much since this is the first full 3d movie they made the movie isnt perfect but it was a nice watch you can have your own opinion on the matter
      besides having cell max absorb 18 wouldnt fix the fact that this is just a copy paste so that they can make money off of games and toys

  7. Adrain Carpenter says:


  8. TheAutisticFilmmaker says:

    I can’t wait to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is in theaters, and it’s only at Cinema Cafe in Virginia Beach, VA, this Summer.

    • Elmar Mol says:

      @Bone Stepmania Are you nuts? why train if you can wish to get the next power up? I agree that Picolo must got more screen time and more spotlight. But the writing somtimes is not that great. 9/10 times its GOKU TIME. Oky the only good thing about this movie. Gohan and Picolo got more screen. But in this movie its so forced and not natural. And CELL MAX? give me a break. Why not cooler? make him cannon.

    • Bone Stepmania says:

      @Elmar Mol Piccolo has been training for his entire life honestly that was a well-deserved boost that Shenron awarded him

    • Taylor says:

      Gohan gets a new form

  9. DethMayDie says:

    Gohan is and always has been my favorite character. I didn’t even mind him giving up training I just wanted him to be happy. That said, I can’t wait to see him kick some android ass

    • yoUNgNdObnOxious says:

      @鈥ctionz鈥 lol you’re on YouTube common sense would tell you to avoid this app and the comment section if you don’t want spoilers..the whole movie is on YouTube already 馃ぃ

    • 鈥ctionz鈥 says:

      @M Y T H I C A L N O V A No shit Sherlock, that isn鈥檛 the point. 馃拃

    • M Y T H I C A L N O V A says:

      @鈥ctionz鈥 Cause it’s true? 馃拃馃う鈥嶁檪锔

    • 鈥ctionz鈥 says:

      @EP1CMONKEY Why you gotta spoil bruh? 馃拃馃う鈥嶁檪锔

  10. Jorrel Doe says:

    If you’re like me and read/watched a bunch of synposes of the movie, watch it anyways if you wanna see more stories like this. We need to let Toei know that Goku and Vegeta aren’t the only money makers.

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