Drama filled Daytona 500 decided in Overtime: Extended Highlights

Drama filled Daytona 500 decided in Overtime: Extended Highlights

Relive the 2022 Daytona 500 in this week’s Extended Highlights from the Great American Race.

2022 Daytona 500, drama filled and decided in Overtime: Extended Highlights

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23 Responses

  1. J C says:

    Not the best day to be a Hendrick or Chevy in general fan but the race was a damn good one. This car has potential and it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

  2. Dan says:

    That was a great race. The crowd, the new car, the finish. I’m all for it.

  3. GSwizzy17 says:

    I was there. Absolutely heartbroken for Stenhouse, but a great race indeed

  4. SteelCitySpeedShop J.R6 says:

    Was there and the race was Great. Of course there are some growing pains for the new car. That’s a given with so many unknowns. I’ve been around this sport a long long time. And I’m very excited about this season. Nothing like being in Daytona. Nothing like it in the world! Now that all the novelty racing is all done . Like with the clash race at coliseum . And The 500 being the wild card that it is. We will see what the cars truly have at Atlanta. You can’t judge this race car off of a 1/4 track and a Super speedway where anything can and does happen. The real racing starts at Atlanta. And even Atlanta is a wild card this year with new surface and re configure

    • Jason Tidball says:

      @Captain Picard it’s not miserable. I’ve watched Daytona, in July, in the old backstretch grandstands, during the day and it was a blast. If you can’t handle a little sunlight, I suggest watching from home.

    • Willie says:

      @M M lol I was 442 and wasn’t cold at all. Shorts and tee all day

    • Willie says:

      @Captain Picard scalped mine 2 for $250. Had a hat and a layer of sunscreen. It was actually beautiful out

    • Captain Picard says:

      @Jason Tidball that’s the tailgate and party. That looks fun if it’s your thing. Watching the race from the grandstands looks miserable.

    • Captain Picard says:

      @M M sounds miserable. Watching on TV always feels like more fun. Just go for the tailgate.

  5. Fábio Giocondo says:

    Always competitiva! Espetacular!

  6. Buynot says:

    What a race! Congrats to Cindric! Can’t wait to head up to Fontana next week and see a race in person again.

  7. Drama Llama says:

    That’s good racing — a little hint of the dynamic racing of the short “two-car-tango” era, rather than the quite static pack racing that’s often been seen at the superspeedways. But not too much.

  8. SugarFreeLatte says:

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how stacked the field is this season? I mean last season was awesome seeing Reddick, Briscoe and Bell but noe adding Cindric and Harrison Burton just adds so much more depth to the field, plus seems as if a couple teams have caught up to the big dogs a little bitthis season, hopefully it keeps up

  9. Maria Haupt says:

    Can we all agree that was great driving by Blaney to keep it going straight and finishing fourth

  10. Christian Roberts says:

    This was a fantastic race! However, there were some flaws, the Next Gen car did run great for it’s first official race but it did have mechanical issues, but that’s fine, it’s the first race and they will work on it. The second stage is when I started to get skeptical because they all formed a freight train and I was worried that it would continue. Luckily, the final laps. of the race were electric and I’m so glad I got to see it! Congrats to Austin for his first win BTW! Overall, this race gets a solid 9/10. Way better than 2021. Can’t wait for Fontana in which I’m going to!

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