Russell Wilson headed to Denver Broncos in blockbuster trade with Seattle Seahawks | NFL | THE HERD

Russell Wilson headed to Denver Broncos in blockbuster trade with Seattle Seahawks | NFL | THE HERD

With Russell Wilson headed to Denver, Colin Cowherd says the Broncos are now in the Super Bowl bubble. The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to a deal with Denver, and pending Russ’ approval, he’ll be the quarterback for the Broncos. Colin explains why this is a big win for Denver and why this may be the biggest NFL trade of his career.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Russell Wilson headed to Denver Broncos in blockbuster trade with Seattle Seahawks | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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47 Responses

  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd says:

    Listen to No. 1 Ranked Show:

    • SLASHISMYHOMMIE 818 says:

      So the Graham trade didn’t work out. Heaven forbid you expect a TE to block ever. Look at the Rams, the WRs all block. OBJ felt like a Martian in the offense, then then got aquatinted to the playbook AND bought into blocking.

      Ya, OBJ suffered that ACL injury in the biggest in of all games, but it is is on important to point out how the Rams offense, everyone blocks when the play calls for it.

      I don’t think Carrols offense style is that out of date. Keep in mind Pete is a defensive style head coach. And what he expects on offense is a physical style as a result. Maybe bring in a young OC to tweak the offense, but at the same time that Seahawks organization it is still time for a rebuild. And if the franchise QB isn’t all in on a rebuild, use his trading to add more draft picks to help with the rebuild.

      Cause we all know how it’s easier to build through the draft than to pay everyone you drafted.

      Look at the Patriots, they’re notorious for trading too end talents right before they are owed a big payday for…wait for it…DRAFT PICKS!!!!

    • Gackleballs G says:

      I clicked the link but it was Pat and the boys.

    • leonard witucke says:

      Pat McAfee is the top show. keep dreaming.

    • ThatGuyAron says:

      Yea but how will denver get right tackle edge rushers. Ect if we traded our first and possibly two 2nd round picks??

  2. Oscar Serrano says:

    He had weapons in Seattle, however I think he was looking for a competent O-line, which he hasn’t had, while still having some weapons. I think denver is a better TEAM right now than seattle, so I think this trade is good for Denver amd Wilson, but ig we’ll find out soon if this pans out.👍

    • Oron Murphy says:

      @Arnabi Arnab Bad organization in D town!!! Look great on paper for years🤣🤣🤣🤣when Dak got injured they looked pitiful under Dalton.

    • Oron Murphy says:

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣yeah, not good weapons

    • xue vang says:

      Afc west have awful defense. Derek carr made the playoff in that division. Seattle also loss 4 games by 3pts or less, two of those game was in OT.

    • michael cabrera says:

      Everyone is a dam analyst

    • Babyface Nelson says:

      @Nicholas Mackey that line wasn’t trash early in his career, Lynch dominated behind that line. Russ has held onto the ball on occasion but it hasn’t been as overwhelming as you’re exaggerating it to be. That line has only had Dwayne Brown up front. Give Nark Shlereth back his talking points, he’s a biased farmer o-lineman.

  3. David Greenshield says:

    I have always felt that the Seattle roster has been in decline since about 2015. It really felt Russ was carrying the team for about 5 years.

  4. Noelle Discovers says:

    I’m grateful Russ was able to be part of our superbowl team. That being said he was on his rookie deal, had the legion of boom & a great oline. We had to rip thr band-aid off, good luck Russ & go Seahawks.

    • AaronNilesToussaint says:

      @Ramone DeCurta Pete isn’t good but Russ lost the locker room simply as no one respects him he took Futures side piece and is raising his kid like his own and looks like a clown to most men. The media can say what they want and honor him as a family guy deep down everyone in that locker room looks as Russ and a clown whos raising another man’s kid no one respects Stepfathers. it was said he was losing the locker room and Russ was a cause of the divide between them. good move on Seahawks sent him to AFC and now have 2 first and 2nds and an elite TE

    • Ramone DeCurta says:

      It shouldn’t matter if a guy is on his rookie deal. What is all of this cr@p about teams can only win when QB’s are on rookie deals? It’s bullsh*t!

      If it’s not bullsh*t, what we are saying is that coaches today don’t know how to develop players and coach teams. We are saying that teams BUY championships by spending money on everything but the QB.

      Rodgers has been on the brink of a Super Bowl appearance for three years running and has had the same salary Russ has had.

      NFL teams are built via the draft. Pete has drafted poorly; thee see tawny the Seahawks haven’t been back to the Super Bowl.

      Pete is a control fr3ak and an egomaniac. He overrules John Schneider and the other scouts with his own lists of players in the war room.

    • James Jordan says:

      And I’m sure Matt Flynn would have lead there 2 yrs in a row too 😂😂😂

    • detectif says:

      the reason was the patriots ripping their souls out.

    • Juwan Buchanan says:

      Nah Seachickens are just trash and wasted the potential of Russell and many others. Back to the dumpsters with you clowns.

  5. ITS EARL says:

    It doesnt matter where Russ goes. He gave us some special, special years and help put the hawks on the map. Nothing lasts forever and every dog has his day. He always ended an interview the same way. ‘GO HAWKS’!!!!

  6. PrettyBoy23 says:

    I loved Russ in Seattle and sad the relationship fell apart. But this is a huge deal. Denver finally got their Quarterback and are ready to make a Super Bowl run. Seattle got a haul back and depending on what they do at QB, they can do a minor rebuild. The AFC West just got a whole lot more crazy. By far the best division in football

    • Denton Lee’s says:

      Seattle botch draft picks all the time Denver won imo big time

    • detectif says:

      afc west is far from the best division in football.

    • Buffalo Nickel says:

      Russ in the AFC West… music to my ears as a lifelong Broncs fan (35+ years). The question remains:
      Russell Wilson: 2 Super Bowls, 1 Lombardi
      Patrick Mahomes: 2 Super Bowls, 1 Lombardi
      What will be the result of the next 5 years of their legacy?

      But, there is also Justin Herbert… will he become the contemporary version of Dan Fouts (great stats but no success… officially).
      Only time will tell! Love it.

    • paulbrett3 says:

      The Afc is madness totally, apart from stafford and rodgers, it has all the best quarterbacks now, the AFC west gona be cut throat.

  7. Kevlar 86 says:

    This is huge! Im a Broncos fan living in Seattle, I am shocked that the city hasn’t fallen into the ocean because of this news. Condolences to the Seattle fans, but this is awesome for my Broncos!

  8. Joel Tilson says:

    End of an Era for the Seattle Seahawks.

  9. Alfie Bruce says:

    1:50 I would love to see this unfold. Penny was electric for the final 5 games. Running at JT level behind the Seahawks line

  10. Space Dust says:

    One thing for sure as a Seahawks fan this upcoming draft will be the first one since we got Wilson (2012) that will make or break the team.

    • Selentae Goodlett says:

      And A monster in Fant

    • detectif says:

      how do you break a team thats already broken?

    • Enigma says:

      @Salami Cheeks it’s a no brainer to just build a strong o line around Wilson

    • Larry Vanderlinden says:

      Truth is (and I love Russ) John used a 3rd round pick to get a decade long winning quarterback, then traded him away for 5 draft picks and 3 players, ( none of Russes caliber but still) If he can win in Denver i applaud him and root for him. Seattle needs to change the culture and start fresh. I think win win

    • michael deadwyler says:

      I’m so excited. We can finally get a decent o line and defense back.

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