FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Joe Fournier – X Series 007

FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Joe Fournier – X Series 007

Full card highlights from the X Series 007 Misfits Boxing event, featuring KSI, Deji, Anthony Taylor and more!

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42 Responses

  1. INFEKT ed says:

    We would all be against this fight if it was Joe who landed an elbow on Ksi

  2. Kew The II says:

    That elbow really exposed KSI’s tendency to swing wild. It’s always there 😂

  3. Akagami Shanks says:

    Swarmz’s improvement is crazy,his counter attacks were too clean.

  4. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Commentators said it themselves. “That was a clean elbow that Connor McGregor would’ve been proud to land”

  5. Fyi S says:

    Bro deji went ultra instinct, those dodges were just 🥶

  6. C3 // S-Way says:

    You can definitely tell Deji learnt a lot from the Mayweather fight throwing fast combos when swarms was in the corner changing the angles like Floyd does

  7. KING VASA says:

    deji improved massively. not a perfect performance but definitely a dominant one

  8. D S says:

    Deji looked the most like a boxer stance and technique wise.

  9. Dxxgxx says:

    man im proud of Swarmz. I thought he would stop boxing after ksi fight . I don’t even recognize him . He improved so much .

  10. OchoUve says:

    Respect to DK Money, few people know how hard it is to try and not be able to, and to try again, and this guy has shown that despite everything he fails or everything he is told, he tries again. RESPECT.

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