Draymond’s reaction to ‘questionable’ ejection in Game 1 of Warriors-Grizzlies | Draymond Green Show

Draymond’s reaction to ‘questionable’ ejection in Game 1 of Warriors-Grizzlies | Draymond Green Show

Draymond Green breaks down the flagrant 2 foul on Brandon Clarke he was ejected for in Game 1 of Warriors-Grizzlies in the Western Conference Semifinals. Dray pleads his case and discusses why he was impressed by his teammates Steph Curry, Jordan Poole, and Klay Thompson’s ability to step up.

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27 Responses

  1. PressCAPLOCK says:

    Refs were making bad calls all game. That out of bounds play where there was 10 seconds left in the game where Dillon Brooks hit it out of bounds, the refs didn’t even review it and it got called jump ball…. Ridiculous

    • Zakar Dolsey says:

      This is what got me fr fr

    • Joe Mama says:

      Draymond literally slapped a guy and then dragged him down . The rule book says these completely unnecessary actions are grounds for a flagrant foul. Stop making excuses for the dirtiest player in the league

    • 🤴🏾 B Rich says:

      Both teams hit the ball at the same time so its a jump ball. It was a good call. Just stop wit the bias sht and watch the game. Too much complaining in the world now, nothing in life is perfect.

    • Mathew Thomson says:

      @DeepH2Ov1 I think he’s thinking of the earlier call down Memphis end of court.

    • Mathew Thomson says:

      @Me 2 thi k your talking about a diff play earlier on in game at Grizz end.

  2. Jer-Ray Sheppard says:

    The NBA is doing everything possible to make this a series. The way the refs called this game was very inconsistent, unbalanced, and lopsided in moments. The great thing is that the Warriors overcame this non sense and were victorious. The NBA may be influencing games through the refs.

    • Gabriel Fernando says:

      @SayTheHua I’m not saying this play was wrong I’m saying coming from D. Green is for sure a dirty play!!

    • SayTheHua says:

      @Kevin Schart you’re just used to a pillow top soft, powder puff ass league. it was a hard foul, but Definitely not a flagrant 2 even by this NBA’s weak standards. just because someone falls doesn’t make it a flagrant

    • SayTheHua says:

      @Gabriel Fernando your response makes it seem like but only do you not understand basketball but you’ve never actually played it irl.

    • Charles Lauller says:

      @Tim it is a tough match up, but Luka should get his. He’s going to need to carry the club.

    • Gabriel Fernando says:

      @Charles Lauller He is in wrong sport

  3. Tim Heath says:

    Dude, you amaze me! Locked in on all fronts. Luxury to hear from you so close to game conclusion. Rock them in game 2! You’re real AF. Pleasure to see you play and maybe even better to hear you speak. Go Dubs!

  4. Tippy Floof says:

    First time watching this, really like how an nba player sits down and keeps its real for his audience! Not in a press conference but a podcast, I really vibe with this! Keep it up Green!

  5. saz19s8 says:

    The ejection was a blessing in disguise. It gave him more time to prepare for this episode of the podcast 😂

  6. 5lueLight says:

    Podcasting in between high intensity playoff games. What a legend.

  7. TheAfroSamurai says:

    I love draymond and his podcast but he still has accountability issues and that’s why he continues to struggle with ejections and techs. Draymond pulled him down while he was in the air then tried to hold him up last minute while he was falling. He deserves a flagrant 2 for that. It was intentional and could’ve turned out much worse if he did that to a smaller/weaker player.

  8. Helena_Handbasket85 says:

    On a more serious note: if these refs were investigated when they blatantly favor one team over another, we might see actual fairness. I firmly believe there are refs who are bought. But they know no one is going to investigate them or their BS calls. It hurts the teams, the players, fans, the nba and ultimately the game itself. There is a lot of sketchy stuff going on in the league and has been for years. I hope one day someone will the run league who has the balls to end the corruption.

  9. Troy Davis says:

    I love the way he is talking about the call, his self awareness of his rep in the league, and he doesn’t slam the refs. I can see how they would have called is a f2 but I agree with Dre. I have so much respect for Dre.

  10. Cole Draper says:

    I was just getting over Klay’s missed free throws keeping them from covering…. he had to bring it up 😂😂

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