Dream Scenario | Official Trailer HD | A24

Dream Scenario | Official Trailer HD | A24

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From writer/director Kristoffer Borgli and starring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage, Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera, Tim Meadows, Dylan Gelula and Dylan Baker. DREAM SCENARIO – Coming Soon.

RELEASE DATE: November 10, 2023
DIRECTOR: Kristoffer Borgli
CAST: Nicolas Cage, Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera, Tim Meadows, Dylan Gelula and Dylan Baker

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Coming Soon: Dicks: The Musical, Priscilla, The Zone of Interest, The Iron Claw

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52 Responses

  1. Mega MovieZ says:

    People say originality is dead. It’s not. For major studios it’s dead but for smaller studios like A24 and NEON originality is still very much alive. I can’t wait for this! Such a fascinating concept!

    • SkipperDoink says:

      a 24 is not a small studio

    • Samuel Hartley says:

      You do realize they’re just buying the scripts, right? A24 isn’t actually writing everything

    • Dorito Man says:

      @Samuel Hartleyyes but they are the distributors that fund and mass market these films so without them films like this one wouldn’t be getting made or at least they wouldn’t pull in nearly as big of an audience as they do.

    • A j Louis says:

      @Samuel Hartley It took massive balls of steel to go for underrated Indie projects instead of big budget blockbusters during the prime marvel era. A24 deserves every single bit of praise they receive.

    • Ruben De la Cruz says:

      This movie is based on a creepypasta btw, nothing original

  2. John Doe says:

    Nic Cage is such a great actor. He just has to be in the right film.

    • TheMusic4Soul says:

      Yeah he was in some of my all-time faves:

      Bringing Out the Dead
      Wild at Heart
      Leaving Las Vegas

      Also great in:

      Red Rock West
      Peggy Sue Got Married
      Raising Arizona
      Rumble Fish
      Lord of War

    • Elias Savada says:


    • TorontoLobsterChunk says:

      you mean to work with the right director who actually knows how to write compelling characters and direct actors

    • pixearles says:

      @TorontoLobsterChunk – this, he needs a director that can channel what he’s capable of, all his great performances have been with great directors

    • Nicolás says:

      @TheMusic4Soul bringing out the dead and wild at heart are peak nic cage in my opinion

  3. MartianWoodpecker says:

    This is the sort of movies Hollywood should focus on. Smaller budget, high concept stuff. I’m definitely interested.

  4. jamal sterrett says:

    I feel over the years cage has been given the opportunity to tweak and refine aspects of his acting ability so much it’s like every part he has ever done is been merged into one cohesive character to bring to life something new. He is an underrated actor that has put in the ground work doing all types of movies despite the criticism of good or bad. He is the epitome of what happens when you just do you. It’s his perceive awkward nuances that over the years people have learnt to love. Rejecting the conventional Hollywood tropes and reaching deep into the parts of himself others dare not. Weather or not it looks good, bad, ugly doesn’t matter. He is reaching for something he deeply believes in and that’s what we come to appreciate and get behind. Thankyou cage 💐

  5. Norm HD says:

    Finally a movie with Nicholas Cage in people’s dreams

  6. Achievly says:

    Does anyone else get filled with immense joy every time a Nic Cage trailer drops?!?!

  7. CapitalFProductions says:

    As someone who saw this movie, I can say that it’s one of my favorite movies of the year and only gets better

  8. Shael Vettori says:

    He’s been KILLING it in these strange roles the past couple of years! Dudes found his perfect archetype 😂

    • Ithaca 7080 says:

      For real! He’s found his niche

    • pluckyduck11y says:

      Pig, Mandy, Unbearable Weight, Color Out of Space… yup

    • TucanMonkey says:

      He’s got another film where he plays a badass buffalo hunter coming out too. Dudes on fire!

    • Ruth Antunez says:

      He has always been this actor if you look at his early filmography, I think it’s that most people saw him first in The Rock or Con Air, he was always this actor… see Vampires Kiss, Wild at Heart, and even Raiding Arizona.. he is truly more of a character actor who got filed into leading actor… and rightfully so, only problem is he really becomes the character he is playing.. great for a character actor, leading high profile actors are themselves playing a role… but hey maybe Nic is this slightly off centered person. And we tried to stuff him into “normal roles” and now he is finally getting to play a little more, who he really is! Either way enjoy the ride.

  9. CatDaddyLurk says:

    This would be terrifying.

    To have people see you and not know if they’re dreaming eventually….
    I am so in for this.

    • three says:

      This is real talent in writing and acting here. We don’t need the stupid Hollywood Screen Actors Guild to write anything. We need some new talent like a24! It’s looking good.

    • Hugo Rogers says:

      @three You realise that A24 and SAG-AFTRA have agreements because A24, a far smaller company than the ones currently trying to break the strike, agreed with the demands of the unions?

    • three says:

      @Hugo Rogers so they are an “independent film studio” that does what everyone tells them to do? Oh ok got it thanks

    • גל קורן says:

      ​​​@threeYou’re looking at it kind of backwards. WGA has permitted several A24 projects to continue production, such as this one, which means that A24 themselves have agreeed to the strike’s demands. If anything, A24 only proves further the necessity of this strike by setting a positive example of the treatment of their writers (which are, evidently, part of the Guild).

  10. Kyle Medbery says:

    Nic Cage’s film choices since probably Mandy and on has been remarkable. These high concept characters in high concept films are the perfect choices for him. Almost leaning into the memes of his characters ridiculousness, but retaining enough humanity to feel grounded.

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