Eagles Stay Unbeaten, Travis’ “Biggest Catch” and New Football Eras | Ep 55

Eagles Stay Unbeaten, Travis’ “Biggest Catch” and New Football Eras | Ep 55

92 %ers, and probably a lot of you entering your “football era”, we are back with another episode of New Heights presented by our friends at Accelerator Active Energy!

In this episode, we break down the Eagles’ dominant win on Monday Night Football, how much better this Eagles D-line might be than last year and the right time to go for the hurdle.

We also recap the most talked about 30-point win in the history of the NFL, the Chiefs’ big win against the Bears. We’ll get to why the Chiefs offense is finally clicking, Big Red’s career milestone, and we finally talk about it, Taylor Swift paid a visit to the Chiefs Kingdom.

Also, we answer some not-dumb football questions from the Swifties, try and figure out just how the Dolphins dropped 70 on the Broncos, and let you know if we would have kicked the record-breaking field goal.

This Friday we will be dropping our incredible episode with The Chiefs Chris “Stone Cold” Jones! The guys talk about everything from his new contract, his wardrobe malfunction at the combines, what he likes least about offensive linemen, and why he wants to get lined up against Tyreek Hill.

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00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Spork Update
5:10 – Chris Jones Announcement
6:00 – Eagles/Bucs Recap
12:10 – Eagles Defense
16:25 – Art of Hurdling
25:29 – Chiefs/Bears Recap
30:17 – Big Red Milestone
31:51 – New Heights (Taylor’s Version)
41:21 – Football Era
49:07 – Mercy Field Goals
56:00 – Stamp of the Week
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37 Responses

  1. Michelle Myer says:

    Hats off to all the 92% welcoming the swifites with open arms. Respect for everyone all around

  2. jac hol says:

    I just hope Jason realizes that the Swifties are his target audience to talk Twilight and Harry Potter with…Please New Heights make this happen

  3. merlotlo says:

    My favorite part of this podcast is watching two professional football players struggle to explain what a down is. 😂😂

    • zack16 says:

      I’ve been watching football all my life and I still have no idea why they call a play a “down” lol😂

    • Jess_Marie_G says:

      I have a very loose understanding of football so that part was both informative and hilarious!

    • Jason Moore says:

      ​@zack16why is a down called a down?
      Why do they stop false starts but not illegal motion/shift?
      Why do intentional grounding penalties not tack on additional yards punitively, seeing as spot foul and loss of down is what would’ve happened if the QB didn’t try to get rid of it illegally?
      Why can a team challenge 3 calls correctly, prove the officials screwed it up all 3 times, but not challenge a 4th time?

      Make me commissioner for a day dammit! Lol

    • Joshua says:

      It ends when someone is down, simple enough..

  4. hmak2009 says:

    Im confused how these two manage an all star nfl career AND have such a high quality production value podcast….

    • Sarah Bouboulis says:

      They have a lot of money and hired a production staff

    • day245 says:

      They’re talking and have a production team. What’s the issue

    • Rusty McRusterson 2 says:

      @hmac2009 Right back at ya! I have no clue How the T Swifter is able to perform at all these shows, do her laundry, cook, pay her bills, clean her house, book her flights, and sing for her back up Singers…. incredible! Almost like the production staff of new heights liked your comment in the first place😂😂😂

  5. Kyle Fogarty says:

    Welcome in Swifties, we’re happy to have you here! Thanks for helping these fine men cross 1 million too!

    • Landon Bell says:

      No we are not. We talk football not stalk a 33 year old so much she can’t even go outside of her own home. Is sad

    • jf 24 says:

      ​@youdoyou901 I don’t think the Swifties will hang around the show much longer so no need to worry lol

    • Landon Bell says:

      @jf 24 think they will do what they are told. They are followers not leaders. Just saying let the poor lady have some privacy

    • jf 24 says:

      @Landon Bell I agree. I hear people say that it all goes with being a star and they’re rich, etc, so they should just deal with it. Truth is, we have no idea what it’s really like, but I know it would probably drive me insane, and I do feel for them in that regard.

  6. Thamires Guedes says:

    I came because of Taylor but this guys are growing on me and now i’m cathing myself watching everything they do. What a great family, hope the rumors are really true cause Taylor would be in a great space.

  7. It's The Experience says:

    The Kelce boys are both class
    examples. Their mom raised two good kids.

  8. Deanett Upchurch says:

    He made me cry when he started talking about Taylor. Welp, now I have to binge 55 episodes

    • Travis Wright says:

      You don’t have to… but watching the last few of the first season where they both went to the Superbowl was EXCELLENT… and watch the Mahomes, Hurts, Edelman, and Coach Reid interviews. And then watch the Prime Video Documentary about Jason and his family called KELCE. Then you are good. Maybe 10 hours of time, max.

  9. Johnny N says:

    Whether you are an OG 92%er or a new Swiftie listener, it’s really cool to see New Heights grow and have both worlds collide

  10. Galactic123 says:

    When the first question was “What is a field goal?” I knew we were in for a LEGENDARY segment of No Dumb Questions.

    • Blue Eyed Italian Princess says:

      I think you have to try to be that uninformed about football or they wouldn’t even be on this podcast. Good GGAAAWWWWDDDD

    • Arkadi Kharov's Cabinet of Curiosities says:

      I have to ask.. where does the “No” in No Dumb Questions end?? Just curious, no stake in this horse race

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