Step into the dream conversation every sports fan fantasizes about: an exclusive dialogue featuring the legendary Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi in Miami.
Join them as they explore topics close to their hearts, from family to football, highlighting monumental memories like scoring in a World Cup final. Uncover the essence of the iconic number 10, a symbol of beauty and uniqueness in the world of football. This is a conversation that transcends the ordinary, offering insights and perspectives from two icons of the game.
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31 Responses

  1. ViscaBarca says:

    one of the best messi interviews ever! so great 🐐❤️

  2. Young Omz says:

    For 29 minutes I had a smile on my face just in awe of these two talking about their wonderful careers.
    I wish to see other videos like this of other 2 footballing GOATS talking to each other

  3. Jenny: Tap my profile says:

    Enorme encuentro entre dos monstruos del fútbol. Agradecido por su humildad y el mensaje que transmiten, esfuerzo, dedicación, y ponerle muchas ganas a todo.

  4. Richie Thomas says:

    These (2) will forever be mentioned in football long after they are gone, both are GOATS in their prime. Zidane is the master of ball control and roulette. He is the most elegant player who has ever played this game, and possessed magic in his boots. Messi is the master of dribbling, a super human genius who has a bird’s eye view of game, and is capable of unlocking any defence on his day. Messi attacks the goal like a Great White shark who sees the defence as just bait in his way. These two were definitely gifted by God to play football and true football fans/players will appreciate their contribution to this magnificent game we love.

  5. Manuel Otchere says:

    Zidane is the realest and greatest professional ever.

    I can’t believe it.
    A former France player?
    Former Real Madrid player?
    Former Real Madrid coach?

    And still had this big heart for Messi?
    Greatness recognises greatness indeed.❤❤❤🎉🎉

    • Daniel Gachoud says:

      Well said, being in a rival club doesn’t mean you can’t get along with the other.

    • Patience Esukpa says:

      Exactly like Messi said football goes beyond shirts, clubs and national teams if you’re a real football lover, you appreciate greatness all round regardless of your club /team

  6. Sergio Arturo Garcia Ortega says:

    Y lo que habla Messi de los viejos, el sacrificio y esfuerzo que hacen por los hijos, sos un groso, que mensaje para los que tuvimos, tenemos o somos padres.

  7. ST Producciones says:

    “Todos queríamos ser maradona, después ninguno llegó a serlo”
    Este hombre no es consciente de que para muchos hasta lo sobrepasó

  8. Anden Unkraut says:

    Dos grandes genios del fútbol, carismáticos y humildes . Claramente se nota la admiración y respeto que sienten reciprocamente.

  9. Carlos Saul says:

    “Todos queríamos ser Maradona pero ninguno llegó a serlo” dice, la humildad de este tipo la verdad que es impresionante. Puede decir lo que quieran de Leo, pero lo buena persona que es está fuera de toda discusión. El mejor jugador que vi en toda mi vida.

  10. Ramiro Ayllón says:

    Dos magos del fútbol. Alegría para cualquiera que entienda de qué realmente se trata este deporte. Artistas ambos, que prefirieron darle color y momentos de película a los partidos. Qué linda charla.

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