Ecuador vs. Senegal Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Ecuador vs. Senegal Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Ecuador and Senegal faced off in their third matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup group stage. In the first half both teams struggled to score. Moises Caicedo went down with an injury in the 37th minute, but managed to come back onto the field. Ismaila Sarr was awarded a penalty kick and scored to give Senegal a 1-0 lead in the 44th minute. After half, Ecuador would respond in the 67th minute thanks to Moises Caicedo, only for Senegal to regain the lead minutes later thanks to Kalidou Koulibaly. Senegal reaches the knockout stage for the first time since 2002.

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Ecuador vs. Senegal Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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52 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Which Senegal players do you have your eyes on for the next match?

  2. 에이미쓰 says:

    Hats off to Senegal and all of Africa. This is huge.

  3. Mordecai’s Mopstick says:

    Congratulations Senegal, you men have the hearts of lions 🦁 nobody believed they would move on without Mané but they showed their quality today. Africa stand up!

  4. Salim Addi says:

    My heart always goes to Senegal, and they never disappoint! Ecuador was a magnificent team too. Love from Morocco

  5. Dan-The-Man says:

    Im happy for Senegal and sad for Ecuador at the same time. Im haopy to see African teams thrive!

  6. enrique godinez says:

    We lost but I’m proud of these boys, they’re young and had no world cup experience but somehow played good, I’m pretty sure they’ll gain experience for the next WC

    Good game and good luck to you Senegal hope you guys go farther in this WC

    • Ed M says:

      They also outplayed The Netherlands

    • Carlos Coello says:

      @WorkInProgress spoken like someone who has no idea what they’re talking about

    • Carlos Coello says:

      @Babyface Half Nelson lol you sound Colombian

    • Stephen Vallejo says:

      @WorkInProgress next WC is 48 teams I’m pretty sure. I don’t see how they don’t qualify

    • enrique godinez says:

      @WorkInProgress enner Valencia is the only experienced player in that squad and also our most prominent forward, all we need is another one like him once he retires, it’s what this ecuador needs the most strikers/forwards.
      I do believe they will make it to the next wc, With a new coach thah can exploit this guys potential can become even better.
      Senegal was good, Netherlands was decent
      And Qatar well they’re not a football country so don’t expect them to play like pros

  7. Sebastian Robinson says:

    As an Ecuadorian, Senegal were the better team and deserved to go through. Their fans are the best in the tournament and are the reason they won. It felt as if they had a 12th man on the field.

  8. Migelon says:

    Respect 2 Ecuador, you came as tournament underdogs yet put up a great fight. Congrats Senegal (my fav African team, ever since the WC 2002 performance).

    • Luis Sanchez says:

      @Migelon Ecuador did it to themselves. They went in with a let’s cruise to a tie strategy overlooking Senegal. Overall Ecuador is a better team than Senegal. But every dog has his day. And today Senegal was the better team. They came to win and played with a lot of heart. I’ve seen and know Ecuador can play better than how they played today. They have beaten Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay before. Technically they won that Netherlands game. They had that goal taken away from them.

    • Migelon says:

      Geez, you dont get my drift. I was referring to the fact that at the beggining of the CONMEBOL qualifying campaign not many outside of Ecuador thought Ecuador will make it to the WC.

    • gormack says:

      Listen Young Man
      They both play well and they both great team
      At the end of the day one teams have more chance so let’s congrats to all 👋

    • TECHNO LUIS says:

      @Migelon they where not suppose to be in the world cup ? You know how qualifiers work right? They rightfully earned their spot don’t take that away from them !

    • Mathmagician says:

      @Ruben Alulema salty much? Senegal is miles clear of ecuador

  9. nina carranza says:

    ecuador did a good job representing latin american soccer you made all of us proud even qualifying to the world cup is an accomplishment

  10. XIOMARI says:

    i’m ecuadorian and i must admit,
    this loss hurt baddd, but senegal deserves everything after this crazy performance, they left it all on that field. i’ll be rooting for them 🇸🇳🇪🇨

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