Ernie and Chuck get heated 👀

Ernie and Chuck get heated 👀


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46 Responses

  1. DogMist says:

    Kenny is the biggest instigator I swear ahhaha

  2. JaVarius Conway says:

    Chuck: I played in the NBA!!!
    Ernie: Yea, when there was no play-in!!! 😂😂😂😂

  3. LightskinBandit Gaming says:

    2:09 Kenny COULD NOT help but incite the situation 🤣🤣🤣

  4. aciv132 says:

    Love these four. I’m cracking up. I wish them long, healthy lives.

  5. N M94 says:

    Kenny is a gold medalists in instigating. Word to RDCWorld “He’s never done that to you” 😭

  6. kuunami says:

    Kenny is a well seasoned instigator. That’s the Queens, New York in him. 😂

  7. Importants YT says:

    Ernie wasn’t takin none of it 😂

    • Goofy Flan says:

      @only truth IF the Bucks and the Heat were a play-in game, the Bucks would be HOME RIGHT NOW, but since it’s the playoffs, they have 3 more chances to get Giannis ready.

    • sellz Alv says:

      Just look at the Laker Haters “Already” making excuses lol lol…preppin them early…😂

    • AaronNilesToussaint says:

      @ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI not really Lakers have a lot easier time playing Grizzlies than Clippers do playing the sons.

    • ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI says:

      Because Ernie knows it’s stupid & for all chucks humility, occasionally when he says something dumb he goes all in… I adore Charles Barkley, but he’s 100% wrong here.

    • Uncle Junior says:

      @Don Buys Houses $Cash$ are you crazy? Chuck would knock Ernie TF out

  8. Izzy Thomas says:

    The debate was over and Kenny like “You trying to get fired talking to Ernie” 😂😂😂

    • King JappyJoe says:

      Weird the dynamic they have where Ernie can dish it but they are all to scared to dish it back 😂 Good to see Chuck not walk on eggshells after getting cut off 40 times last night by Ernie and Shaq

  9. Jay Chosen says:

    Ernie rolled that, “aint nobody trying to play in no damn play in chuck” like uncles arguing at family functions

  10. Drix Ponteres says:

    Chuck: “I actually played in the NBA”

    That felt like “How many rings you got..?”

    • joey kinde says:

      They have the same amount of rings

    • King JappyJoe says:

      ​@Georgi Hristov just because you cover something for 30 years doesn’t mean you are right 100% of the time and that all the co hosts are scared to treat you like you treat them. They all looked like their parents were fighting 😂

    • Fact Thatdude says:

      @Darren Gordon-Hill yet Chuck gets mad when guys who have experience winning rings speak on what it takes to be champions. Using your logic he should stay out of those conversations

    • Darren Gordon-Hill says:

      @Jaay Murray 
      Few teams take risks PLAYING REGULAR SEASON GAMES!!!!

      Gordon Hayward broke his leg on OPENING DAY of the season!!
      PG13 got hurt on Team USA.
      Giannis just got hurt in the Playoffs.
      Dallas tanked their way outta the whole thing!!

      Surprised y’all can get out of bed you’re so worried about injuries…

    • Darren Gordon-Hill says:

      @Jaay Murray 
      Agree nobody cares about 9th vs 10th pity praise

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