Even Fancier: Paintings

Even Fancier: Paintings

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An addendum to the main channel video I Am Become Fancy: Theatre
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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/NetHistorian
Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTKXnfHByX8
Storymode: https://www.youtube.com/ @IHstorymode

Music attribution:
It’s mostly all The Sims and some classical stuff

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35 Responses

  1. The Bar Man says:

    So funny to see him go from internet history to just regular historian

  2. Kochiyama's Morally Ambiguous Tea Emporium says:

    Ayyy, Historian learned how to pronounce “firmament”! He kept saying “filament” in the Space episode.

  3. Kenny Rod says:

    As an artist, this is pretty informative. I wish we had an art teacher more like him.

    • Saint Shion 詩音💜🖤 says:

      I’ve done traditional art for for 20+ years and I still get excited when more people share the joy of art & art history.

    • Ferris Bueller says:

      as teachers go, who they get to teach art is like who they get to teach gym. You can have an obese gym instructor, also ann art teacher incapable off ever making anything, they just “found themselves” in a college for 200,000 a year, their major being the classic :humanities.”
      Took till adulthood to learn the best art teachers are those who do it at a side gig at the studio they own. Because thhose who can not do often end up teaching.

    • Victor Santiago says:

      I’m an art teacher and I thought all brushes were synthetic and paint was just magic soup.

  4. Grant Kistel says:

    The fact he keeps getting better with time is scary. The internet historian becomes the historian, he may rewrite as he sees fit.

  5. appellsauce says:

    Love how you spend more time and effort on your ad rolls than most people spend on their actual content

  6. Fläsksvål says:

    Great to see IH giving some love to Wendigoon. Two of the greatest story tellers

  7. minerdx xd says:

    damn, 8 Internet Historian videos until he goes back into cryostasis, what a wonderful Christmas gift

  8. Azzy says:

    That friends joke at 2:54 made me laugh more than I care to admit

  9. Frip says:

    Squirrel hair brushes can actually be really great as their tail hair is insanely fine! They used to be used for making gold plating as well

  10. Fareryniel says:

    Art Grad here, this is absolutely exquisite, would love if you did an entire art series, like going through all the art movements.

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