SEC Shorts – Jimbo gets fired

SEC Shorts – Jimbo gets fired

It ended the only way it could, Texas A&M has fired it’s head coach of six years, Jimbo Fisher. A&M quickly takes the record for paying the highest coaching buyout in the history of college football. But think back to a time in December 2017 when all Aggies had hope for the Jimbo future. These unlucky Aggie fans get a quick dose of reality from a local Balltar Fortune Telling Machine.

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50 Responses

  1. Restless Mule says:

    Who else heard the Jimbo news and immediately thought “I can’t wait for this week’s SEC short”?

  2. DJ4x says:

    This is the perfect reason to bring back Baltar.

  3. Eric Becker says:

    As an Aggie, never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with. Great work guys!

  4. Alex Prunier says:

    The only thing this was missing was losing to App State as the #6 team in the country

  5. Kenrico💯 says:

    Being a fired head coach is the new retirement. I think im in the wrong profession 😂😂

  6. ill_will23 says:

    The day has finally come!!!! Auburn is no longer the buyout laughingstock of the country!!!…. For now at least😪

  7. warwick3661 says:

    As a UT fan, the shot at us was hilarious. They thought they were gonna be safe this week!

  8. Insert Name Here says:

    “Unless they hire Bobby Petrino as their full time coach” 🤣🤣🤣

  9. SaltyWare says:

    It’s not just the jokes that hit, it’s the quips!
    – they thought they were safe this week
    – Bobby Petrino Head Coach
    Painfully funny

    • govols1995 says:

      You know the whole crew is Alabama fans when Tennessee catches a stray completely unrelated to the rest of the video.

    • CrashB111 says:

      ​@govols1995 Only the guy playing Boltar is an Alabama fan. The guy in the overalls is an Auburn fan.

      Everyone in the SEC hates Tennessee.

    • Landon Michelle says:

      @CrashB111 LSU fan here. I don’t hate Tennessee. I kinda like them a tiny little bit. Bama on the other hand…

  10. Texas2089 says:

    The yell leader 😂😂😂

    Also Jimbo better be sending Jameis a VERY nice Christmas card with a few mil tucked in cause Jameis got him PAID.

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