Every Way To Cook A Potato (43 Ways)

Every Way To Cook A Potato (43 Ways)

The potato is a powerful thing. 🙂

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24 Responses

  1. @monsieurjaz818 says:

    1. 1:11 Baked Potato
    2. 1:43 Twice Baked
    3. 2:29 Potato Skins
    4. 3:15 Duchess Potato
    5. 4:07 Potato Casserole
    6. 4:44 Smashed Potato
    7. 5:29 Smoked
    8. 5:59 Salt-Baked
    9. 6:37 Searzall
    10. 7:12 Hasselback Potato
    11. 7:53 Broiled
    12. 8:29 Potato Pavé
    13. 9:31 Lemon Potatoes
    14. 10:20 Pommes de Terre Fondantes
    15. 11:08 Potato en Papillote
    16. 11:54 Grilled
    17. 12:31 Pizza Oven
    18. 13:03 Direct Coal / Tandoor
    19. 14:09 Boiled
    20. 14:43 Poached
    21. 15:19 Steamed
    22. 15:56 Pommes Puree
    23. 16:35 Pommes Aligot
    24. 17:14 Potato Salad
    25. 18:16 Sous Vide
    26. 18:54 Colombian Salt-Crusted
    27. 19:28 Slow Cooker
    28. 19:57 Instant Mashed Potatoes
    29. 20:53 Mashed Potatoes
    30. 21:34 Home Fries
    31. 22:16 Diner-Style Hash Browns
    32. 22:53 Stir Fry
    33. 23:36 Pommes Rosti
    34. 24:23 Potato Latke
    35. 25:18 Pommes Dauphines
    36. 25:57 Croquettes
    37. 26:46 George Foreman
    38. 27:19 Pommes Soufflées
    39. 28:28 Potato Chips
    40. 29:19 Battered Seasoned Fries
    41. 30:02 Tater Tots
    42. 31:18 French Fries
    43. 31:57 Surprise 🙂

  2. @cristallikethechampagne8243 says:

    I was literally JUST thinking about how I could elevate potato for Christmas.

    Thanks, Papa Josh ❤

  3. @ThreeToesofFury says:

    LOOOOOVING these comprehensive subject based cooking classes. I know its alot of work but man im learning a ton! made delicious truffle fries after your recent frying class!!!!!!!!!! cheers papa

  4. @Monk-ts3xr says:

    I love these sorts of videos, along with POTATOES.
    How can you NOT love potatoes?
    So versatile.

  5. @ashbeets3466 says:

    Literally was having a discussion with my dad on how the potatoes were going to be done for christmas lunch today. Was really wishing i knew more potato dishes. Thanks Joshua!

  6. @pauleng1105 says:

    You missed the 44th way: Szechuan style shredded potatoes “Tu Dou Si”. You soak them after shredding to get rid of the starch for a really crunchy texture, then stir fry in peppercorns, jalapenos and vinegar. Totally different from any of the dishes you tested here. I’d love to see your reaction to it.

  7. @Donuts_random_stuff says:

    I’ve learned the 100 folds in a chefs hat are symbolic for the 100 ways a chef can make eggs, can you do 100 ways???

  8. @EasyThereBigFella says:

    I am not adventurous enough to make the finale dish, but I certainly learned how to improve upon many others that I do make. Thank you, Joshua!

  9. @NickyHendriks says:

    Kind of surprised that pommes fondant got such a low score, it really is one of my favourite styles of potatoes from the oven. I don’t really get the difference between mash and puree though. Over here we just have ‘puree’ and everyone makes it completely different. I like to add some grainy mustard to mine, elevates it just a little bit and works perfectly with the common old school Dutch food.

  10. @phaninunna3058 says:

    Broiled Potatoes (7:53) are your typical aloo fry made in an oven (I loved this one too). Aloo fry is a classic Indian comfort food. I think the home fries (21:34) and the stir-fry (22:53) would have rated so much higher if you would have done the following aloo fry method instead.

    Here’s a simple recipe:
    1. Peel your potatoes (preferably russet) and dice them up as done for the broiled potatoes (7:53).
    2. Heat up a pan and add some vegetable oil or for a richer taste add ghee (clarified butter) to it. (You could also mix in both fats).
    3. Shallow fry those potatoes stirring them up occasionally till G.D.
    4. Season them with salt, turmeric powder, and red chili powder (cayenne pepper) and toss them. (This amount of seasoning is a bare minimum and none of them are optional)
    5. For additional flavor you could throw in other seasonings such as MSG, smoked paprika, coriander powder, cumin powder etc. (You can really experiment with your desired flavor outcome, but some of them might not turn out to be as good and overpower the potato flavor)
    6. You can also spin a bit more texture and flavor into this dish by adding diced onions mid-way during frying the potatoes and stir-frying the contents of the pan. (This might decrease the crunch of the potatoes, but the onion brings in a new delight.)

    This can be eaten as it is or mixed with plain white rice or eaten with a roti.

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