So RIP mob vote, Mojang?

So RIP mob vote, Mojang?




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#Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks, developed by Mojang.

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42 Responses

  1. @CraftyMasterman says:

    They better call the hypothetical vehicle speed modifier to /penguin

  2. @jaythecoderx4623 says:

    I wonder if they’ll do similar things at some point for other mobs who lost the vote

  3. @remmistein says:

    I would honestly prefer if this was how the Mob Vote worked with the one in 1st place being implemented first, then the 2nd/3rd following after.

    • @felipovisk972 says:

      I honestly thought mob votes would be like this at first.

    • @Leeloo_the_fox says:

      thats how it should have always been. but mojang doesnt make reasonable choices anymore

    • @xendordawnburst9969 says:

      If you mean added in snapshots, then it wouldn’t really matter because they would all be in the official version. And they can’t be released by the updates to the version, because everyone playing any version of 1.20 (as far as I’m aware) is capable of playing together. Adding in mobs to a later version of 1.21 wouldn’t work because people playing on 1.21.1 wouldn’t have access to the mobs in 1.21.3 or whatever. Which means each losing mob would be released a year later in 1.22!

    • @killernyancat8193 says:

      This is how I always thought it was. The giant squid was reimplemented as bubble columns, the desert thing became a grindstone, etc.

    • @ThatGuyRNA says:

      That’s literally how they are being implemented

  4. @wagyourtai1 says:

    the funny thing is, the only reason 11 doesn’t work because vanilla only lets you move 10 blocks in a tick

  5. @RussellFlowers says:

    My thought is – Mojang expected the crab to win, so they started developing the extra reach. Then the crab didn’t win, so they just included this as a setting.

    • @laula813 says:

      Maybe they had already finished it (since it is a very simple feature, probably just requires changing some numbers) but were unsure if people would like it. The crab didn’t win but the idea still got positive reception.
      I was worried about it being added as a part of normal progression. I don’t know if it’s a good idea. But I am certainly happy about it being an easy-to-change setting. (And people will make it available in survival through modding.)

    • @Am1kke says:

      This would be plausible, but that extended reach is pretty much a single line of code change.* Somewhere in there they have a check “if the block the player is pointing at is 5 units away or closer, allow interaction”. People have been changing it for fun for some time now.

      *(ok, it’s a single line of code change when modifying the source code to increase/decrease it, to make it modifiable in-game they had to move it into a variable and implement a gamerule to modify that variable. That’s still a couple of minutes of dev time, negligible effort even when considering all of the QA and corporate overhead.)

      They didn’t need to start developing it before the results, they could’ve always had it ready in the next snapshot.

    • @mivilkku says:

      There was already a difference between reach in creative and survival modes, so my guess is that it was pretty much implemented already, but now players can interact with the feature.

    • @RussellFlowers says:

      @@mivilkku That’s true, I forgot about that.

  6. @kureijisatsujinsha says:

    This happened before!
    The ocean mob from the first mob was supposed to drag you down but instead we got magma’s with that same feature. Grindstone does the same thing as another mob that lost too!

    • @theroyalbuilder says:

      Yeah!! The blaze boss was clearly gonna give you shields but they were just added anyway

    • @vanillevla3185 says:

      @@theroyalbuilderNo, it was gonna be the first mob that uses shields, not give you it.

    • @Kyrikrliy says:

      I’d still prefer if they were actual creatures instead of just block functions though, i want a maw as a pet

    • @4203105 says:

      The grindstone does not do the same as the great hunger. That was supposed to have quite a bit more functionality.

    • @soulglitcher says:

      I guess they have to implement it into the game as a proof of concept before marketing it in the mob vote, so they just decide not to waste it and implement it.

  7. @dre4mwo0d78 says:

    weren’t most of these functions in this year’s april fools snapshot? i remember the size potions and i think step height and reach were also changeable with votes

    • @justaguy2183 says:

      I think the reach was only expandable with the “mad eye” command. And I think it was more of entities than blocks. So

  8. @liber2350 says:

    To be honest this is gonna be really fun for minigames I feel, at least if they let us set it to whatever we want

  9. @irExron says:

    Woah i hope they add Turtle Wolf armour, it would be amazing to have a secondary armour progression, even if it’s most wont use it, it promotes exploration so much

    • @Annabelle-S says:

      I mean, that would fit with that Mojang is calling ‘The Adventure Update’

    • @zixvirzjghamn737 says:

      They could have it use the smithing table, and you’d upgrade the regular wolf armor with the template and a turtle shell, though I don’t know if it would be useful since wolves don’t go underwater. I guess it would be useful for preventing death.

    • @user-oy2zg3bt6n says:

      or they should generalize the Scutes item drops, imagine if leather got this treatment.

    • @EmperorPenguin1217 says:

      Well yeah the wolf armor shoulve been made by turtles to begin with, no reason to separate two items that are different in looks only across two mobs

    • @user-oy2zg3bt6n says:

      imagine if they did that to leather@@EmperorPenguin1217

  10. @notmyrealname3209 says:

    As a datapack developer, im really excited that theyre continuing to add new attributes for us to edit!

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