Ex-Exclusives – Scott The Woz

Ex-Exclusives – Scott The Woz

Scott ex-looks at ex-ex-exclusives.

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36 Responses

  1. The Music Decomposer says:

    4:22 Marble Blast is a really good game that was pre-installed on some Macs. Another point for Scott.

    • Bukki13 says:

      @Andrar there’s a mod for the original game, Marble Blast Gold, that, among other things, brings all 60 levels from Marble Blast Ultra into the game

    • Bukki13 says:

      Yeah it’s my favourite game because of the huuuuge replayability that comes from figuring out different paths to get better times

      And also because of the 2k+ custom levels it has. Plus there’s a big mod of the game with even more levels and another 2k+ custom levels

      Also it’s one of the the only games (other examples are Geometry Dash and Valve’s games, e.g. Portal, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress) that runs consistently on my ancient MacBook
      (Makes sense though because Marble Blast is almost 20 years old which is several years older than me)

    • Andrar says:

      Marble Blast Ultra was a really great game, exclusive to Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Now gimme that point back!

    • Arshad Zahid says:

      This makes three

  2. megavolnutt says:

    So to include fatal frame 4 in this video, he had to have seen that literally this morning and added it to the video before releasing it this evening. Pretty impressive dedication there. Most people would’ve just said “ah screw it, bringing up fatal frame 5 is good enough”

  3. Theo John says:

    A Nintendo Direct, State of Play and a Scott the Woz video on the SAME DAY?!

    This is insane

  4. mineland says:

    Scott The Woz was initially a youtube exclusive series, but it eventually jumped to a tv port. Truly, the ex exclusive of all time

  5. Mar1o 640 says:

    This is my favorite “Ex-Exclusives” video of Scott so far

  6. // A r n a h u n a s // says:

    Sony owns Bungie while Microsoft owns Crash and Spyro. What a time to be alive.

  7. AL Holz says:

    When I was a kid, 6 in 1 puzzle collection was the only game I owned. When I saw that rat trapper game on the screen, it awakened so many fun memories I didn’t know I had. Thank you Scott.

  8. HypnoPilot says:

    One thing I’d like to point out is in the Nintendo segment, at 12:36 when you mentioned the Japanese Fatal Frame game, I think another big example of Nintendo putting exclusive games onto competing systems is Yo-kai Watch, which had the fourth game (Yo-kai Watch 4++) released on the PS4 in Japan, despite being a Switch and 3DS only game series for the longest.

  9. Paradise Austin Perritt says:

    It’s Always a Awesome Day When Scott The Woz Uploads.

  10. lapinamoric says:

    i love seeing the wonderful 101 even passively mentioned in things, it’s my favorite game of all time. thanks so much, scott!

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