FDU vs. Purdue – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

FDU vs. Purdue – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

FDU shocked the world and took down top-seeded Purdue, becoming just the second 16 seed to pull off the feat in NCAA tournament history. Watch the extended highlights from FDU’s historic upset here.

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56 Responses

  1. Eddie Clutch says:

    Arizona: “we are the most disappointing team this March”
    Purdue: “hold my 1 seed”

    • Edski says:

      ​@Tim Maggard 😂😂😂

    • Justin says:

      Virginia: welcome 👋🏼

    • Laws of Human Nature says:

      I called it in January, early exit for Purdue ✅ And it comes to a team I have no idea what city or state they’re from with 15 losses.

    • carsonc29 says:

      @Kerry Hanley Purdue plays like an old fashioned team..none of their guards could create off the dribble or get to the rim…the fact that they were able to triple team their big and not 1 guard was able to make them pay consistently is telling…

  2. Ethan’s Sports Productions says:

    FDU stuns Purdue! Let’s congratulate FDU from 4 wins last season to beating a team that was ranked #1 in the country half of the season.

  3. jtalkalot19 says:

    “The more I watch Purdue the more I think we can beat them” I’ll remember that quote forever

  4. James Luchsinger says:

    Imagine losing to a 15 seed last year and a 16 seed this year.
    Two cupcake games that turned into humiliation.

    • Spiritbox&Xbox says:

      @Trevor Carroll how many chips 💀 2 final fours 💀 izzo alone has better march results than Purdues history 🤣

    • ScotCinamon says:

      It’s been three losses to double-digit seeds the last three years, so it’s one further. Purdue is the antithesis of clutch

    • Steve Babiak says:

      They continue to earn that nickname of:
      Pur-don’t 😉

    • Rodd Cayton says:

      This is why FBS needs a legitimate playoff tournament.

    • carsonc29 says:

      @Spiritbox&Xbox its all about match ups..Purdue plays like an old fashioned team…any team that plays small ball and hits 3s was gonna give them futs

  5. Dominic Brown says:

    I had Purdue winning this game (didn’t we all), but I’ve never been happier to take an L.

  6. Caleb Thompson says:

    This year’s Saint Peters. Just shows how far team defense, toughness, and discipline can take you. I can see them getting to at least the Sweet 16

    • the s says:

      They don’t have a real big. They remind me a little of Houston tho the way they play, court full of playmakers that can shoot a midrange

    • Reed R says:

      And the state of New Jersey, apparently 🙂

    • Oscar M says:

      Matchups was a big part of this game. Purdue was shooting below average from 3PT this season and as the misses from 3 piled on for Purdue, FDU had more reason to not respect their 3PT shooting despite FDU having among the worst defensive shooting percentages in the country. Then to top it off, FDU was one of the best teams in the country in forcing turnovers which was the surprising thing for me since Purdue had the best rebounding and low turnover numbers all season. I thought Purdue wasn’t going to let FDU dictate the pace of the game like they did, but here we are

    • Ama B says:

      Exactly 💯 and both St. Peter’s & Farleigh Dickinson are colleges in New Jersey. Very interesting

    • Ell 421 says:

      @Damian Whiteman Runs Him Correct! Plus they’re literally playing on a Sunday, so that has to bode well for their chances 😏

  7. clevelandcbi says:

    FDU Coach’s resume just got a lot more impressive.🔥🔥🔥
    From 4 wins to knocking off #1 in his first year.

    • clevelandcbi says:

      @Neal Anderson I knew but edited it to show that. Thank you👍👍

    • Justin Christopher says:

      He didn’t say he was. Resume (Inherited a 4 win team and the following year took them and won at least 2 tournament games including knocking of a 1 seed).

    • jacob murphy says:

      ​@Neal Anderson I think this guy knows that which is why he said the coach’s resume looks a lot better

    • Neal Anderson says:

      He didnt coach FDU last year, so it looks much more impressive doing this in his first year.

  8. Drsamw Pepper says:

    Princeton:we had the best upset this year

    FDU:Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  9. TheNahum says:

    I’ve been saying it all year … Eddy is the ONLY reason Purdue was good this year (convince me other wise) … as soon as he would leave games teams would make runs and Purdue was stagnant … this is what happens when you rely on one guy!! CONGRATS FDU!!!

    • Arachnid says:

      Anyone who follows B1G bb knew they didn’t have good guard play.

    • Moe says:

      The key is guard play isn’t he tournament. Everyone likes the big man in the regular season, but the guards who win this. FDUs guards were better than Purdue’s. And the team with the best guards will likely win

    • TheNahum says:

      @Ed Albanese right but the problem is … the only reason those players could score is because Eddy would draw a double and then he kick it out for a three or a mid range … once Eddy is out they can’t do that

    • loopy says:

      Walmart Yao Ming

  10. SteelersJunkie says:

    That moment when the clock hits zero and FDU just starts going crazy celebrating is a perfect example of what makes March Madness so incredible. What a special performance by a team absolutely no one believed in.

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