Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2023 Week 13 Game Highlights

Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2023 Week 13 Game Highlights

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42 Responses

  1. @trevenchristensen585 says:

    Amazing game, props to both teams

  2. @AnnetteHernandez-wc5vd says:

    Definitely one of the most legendary TNF seen to date, way to go both teams!

  3. @TheDonkDonk420 says:

    For those who didn’t watch this game live, there were so many flags thrown. Probably the most I’ve seen in a long time

  4. @edward-wr2eh says:

    One of the hardest fought games of the season. The Dallas offense came thru when it counted at the end. TE Ferguson played lights out.

  5. @makovcina1390 says:

    My first cowboys game in person .

    What a game in person

  6. @sxnthwave says:

    Watching CeeDee Lamb and DK Metcalf in the same game is such a treat tbh, they’re both so much fun to watch

  7. @markc1628 says:

    Ceedee Lamb is officially top 5, maybe top 3. He’s grown his game to the next level. What a beast

  8. @foreverdc3920 says:

    3rd game in 12 days for BOTH teams! It doesn’t matter what their records are…Dallas and Seattle ALWAYS play each other tough and aggressive! Lots of history and respect between both teams…Great game guys! Now go beat up on Philthy and the 49ers!

    • @azerbeastt says:

      you know that aint happening! but i see world where 49ers anf boys beat eagles

    • @teeemm9456 says:

      @@azerbeastt Eagles are like 5 plays from being 5-6. They’re very good but they’re not nearly as great as people like to make them out to be.

    • @juiceman1887 says:

      @@teeemm9456you could say that about any team really.

    • @teeemm9456 says:

      @@juiceman1887 That’s partly my point. The Eagles haven’t shown that they’re significantly better than most of the other top teams, yet we have jock strap swingers pretending like they’re steamrolling every team they face.

    • @timbarnes7507 says:

      Yeah, no chance you’re not even gonna sniff the division title. You can’t even beat the niners let alone the eagles

  9. @kwakuowusu-ansah2893 says:

    What a game! Was on the edge of my seat throughout the game

  10. @joannabrown2829 says:

    This was an edge of my seat game. Both teams played with heart.
    Although I was rooting for Seahawks the Cowboys worked very hard and deserved their win.

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