Film Theory: You Have to STOP Scrolling! (Shorts Wars)

Film Theory: You Have to STOP Scrolling! (Shorts Wars)

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The Shorts Wars ARG may have ended, but the LORE is just beginning! Over the past few months shorts creators @JonnyRaZeR, @Mogswamp, @RoyalPear, @joe_caine, @DannoDraws, @knsplash, @Bundun, @peehaleyour have taken part in a multi-series ARG across the platform. Some heeded the message of the big BAD guy, “the Boss,” while others skirted around it. Find out who survived, who got cloned, and what’s next for the spectacular series!

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47 Responses

  1. Jonny RaZeR says:

    Absolutely loved making the ARG. It never stops being surreal seeing myself in your videos. Looking forward to season 2!

  2. Danno Cal Drawings says:

    I’ve been watching Matpat since I was 11 years old ever since the Rosalina theories, and hearing him say my channel name made me scream and kick my feet in the air 🥰🥰🥰 so much love and respect for you and your team, I’ve always believed you’re one of the greatest YouTubers on the site and your editing and commentary style is the biggest influence on my channel as a whole. Team theoriest for life 💙💙💙

  3. HyperKR says:

    The scary part is if season 2 rolls around, MatPat could actually get involved…

    Huh..I just noticed now. 1.1K likes? Thanks!

  4. SourSweetHeart says:

    As a clone myself, I have to say that there’s nothing wrong with being a clone and their actions don’t reflect us all.

  5. Larva Tuba Show says:

    All of the creators did such a good job. Can’t wait for season 2

  6. Max Leavitt says:

    We need Matpat as part of season 2, that would be an extra 4 channels to add to the ARG after all

    • oh_my_galaxies says:

      technically 5 lol food, film, style, game, gt live no prob tho lol

    • Rising Nations says:

      Then we wouldn’t have the funni theory guy doing theory’s on season 2 since he is apart of it

    • În felul meu says:

      ​@Rising Nationsit could be that way, yes, but imagine if it would be like, more clones/mind control, and making fake videos, like saying we shouldn’t worry, the boss is a good guy and stuff like this. It would be insane

    • Kokoro says:

      Mat could be like a spy for the YouTubers

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Shorts Wars totally deserves the coverage, it was so fun watching it happen live. Everyone should definitely go see it for themselves!

  8. Joe Caine says:

    This is absolutely crazy, thank you for covering the ARG!!!
    We had tons of fun making it in such a short time with a lot of improv along the way, props to the bois, they’ve all been brilliant
    This is such a huge honour to be featured in this video

  9. AyEmEl_ says:

    In my head canon, if the Boss wins, every clone they create will push reaction content where the CC sits and stares without saying a word.

  10. Ayaan Rathore says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention the fact that when they tried to clone Joe, it didn’t work because he was too powerful.

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