The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control

The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control

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49 Responses

  1. Nate Marx says:

    I am sorry that A’s fans will lose their team. The fight/protest they have made against the Fisher’s is legendary.

  2. Manny Covington Extras says:

    Crazy how a fictional story got so out of hand. I can only imagine what it would look like if baseball did really exist😳

  3. Sam Ortmann says:

    I can’t remember an athlete having a worse year on and off the field than Tim Anderson

  4. CABLM - Roblox says:

    Arguably the wildest season in years

  5. Paco Taco says:

    As someone who lives outside the MLB timezone, these type of videos are awesome!

  6. dom says:

    Thank you for using your platform to give a voice to us A’s fans.

    Sell the team John!!

    • whenfatkillsfat80 says:

      As an Angels fan, good luck. Arte Moreno was Lucy and we were Charlie Brown.

    • J. Menapace says:

      A’s fans don’t deserve a single inch of that platform. They have neglected their team for years, not attended games, not bought merchandise, and only seem to show up when the team is already out the door and even then they act like petulant children throwing garbage, throwing tomatoes, and being ultra passive-aggressive by showing up in droves to games. They’re like an abusive husband when his wife is about to leave him because those situations are never about actually being sorry for what they did– it’s just them freaking out at the idea of losing control. The Raiders left for similar reasons and, like them, I don’t blame the As here.

    • santi says:

      @J. MenapaceIf you actually went to a game you understand do not even start to judge because we have the worse stadium , we have a better mayor now but before she sucked, then the owners raised the price on concessions and rarely do giveaways and their management of the stadium is just straight up ghetto since our owners don’t even want to care so don’t even to begin saying we don’t have a good fanbase, if you saw the games 6 -10 years ago you’d understand but you won’t because you judge things to early

    • J. Menapace says:

      @santi Sure, blame everyone except yourselves. Classic abuser denial. The Cubbies had a terrible stadium, too– not to mention the longest losing streak in sports– and even then they still showed up to games in support of their team, which made their eventual World Series victory all the sweeter. A’s fans don’t have anything close to that level of compassion and are about as fair weather as it gets– just like every other franchise in that area. The fans are absolutely the reason the team is leaving and their recent behavior only further validates the move.

  7. SpelingErorr says:

    The A’s are further proof why american sports teams need to start being partially publicly owned. If the taxpayer pays for the stadium they should be entitled to a seat at the table of ownership.

    • Harry Parsons says:

      No. Baseball and communism don’t mix

    • Jeremy Walker says:

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Jeremy Walker says:

      ​@harryparsons2750 LOL do you know how many city owned baseball teams there are? Hundreds if not thousands. My local city of 250k alone has 4 youth baseball teams

    • Your wife’s boyfriend says:

      @Harry Parsonsyou have no clue what you’re talking about

    • SpelingErorr says:

      @Harry Parsons Call it whatever you want, but my opinion is clear. The average American pays hundreds of millions of dollars to construct amazing infrastructure for these teams to thrive. But then at the drop of a hat some greedy suit and tie loser cant make the team pack up and skip town with no input from the people that built that team up in the first place. I believe this is INHERENTLY IMMORAL and a slap in the face to the common man.

  8. Joshua Caranci says:

    Yes everything is going wrong, but holy crap this has been such a great year!! Also as an Angels fan, I stand with the As fans, love them and what’s being done to them is BS

    • Dillon says:

      As a Rangers fan, I also stand with A’s fans. Angels fans too, it’s unfortunate that your org has wasted two of the best players we have ever seen. I think we all stand together in hating the Astros though.

    • NoMercyInc says:

      everything isnt going wrong at all. individuals dont make baseball important

    • Tuxedo Rabbit says:

      Maybe the A’s Fans should’ve shown up for their team over the last decade instead of just showing up once the team threatens to leave?

    • Emily Orazio says:

      I sympathize with A’s fans even though I’m a Mariners fan. I hope that the owner sells the team

  9. Yankees Hub says:

    This season is crazy in literally every way possible

  10. gocubs1026 says:

    One of the wildest seasons of all time

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