Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: RUIN – Part 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: RUIN – Part 2

Seems like the daycare isn’t quite what it used to be in the Mega Pizzaplex!

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41 Responses

  1. pickles says:

    watching mark get progressively more annoyed at gregory just trying to help is hilarious

  2. Cole Kiesler says:

    Markiplier when trying to figure out if Glamrock Bonnie’s story at Monty Golf is real or not, is how we feel when trying to solve the most complicated FNAF theory.

  3. PLS DONATE says:

    The fact that Mark’s reaction to seeing Bonnie on the wall with the other animatronics was so wholesome, shows that how far he’s come from the first FNAF game.

  4. Drucy says:

    14:52 Explaination :

    The way the mask is handled is that there’s actually TWO nearly identical maps loaded for each map : the “ruin” one you see without the mask, and the “VR” one you see with the mask.

    Putting the mask on and off actually TELEPORTS you seamlessly between both maps at the same respective position (which is also why sometimes the mask is disabled : because it’s an invalid teleport target that could get you stuck, like the tubes), but will still display the position of “moving enemies” (like the endos) on the “ruin” map as this pink “digital skeleton” projection you see in the “VR” map.

    Funnily enough it also explain why taking the mask off makes you safe from the digital bunny thing : it only exists in the “VR” map, so once you’re outta there, you’re out of its reach.

    Basically, by putting the mask on, Mark teleported to the “VR” map, while the endo stayed on the “ruin” map. Since endos are still given your position and move when you don’t directly look at them (Mark was in the “VR” map, not the “ruin” map, hence why he wasn’t technically looking at the endo, only his projection).

    The endo kept trying to go “after him” but couldn’t teleport to the VR map, hence why it was going in circles, not finding any walkable path to Mark.

  5. Nyxx says:

    Mark having a meltdown because he accidentally progressed is both hilarious and sadly relatable lol.

  6. Mori Hanna says:

    Mark: *gets through the daycare without dying once*

    Mark: “There is something wrong here”

  7. softpan says:

    Its honestly impressive that cassie can hold animatronics body figures away from her

  8. Jamie Fairchild says:

    As someone also with unmedicated ADHD, watching unmedicated Mark take a whole segment just to explain he’s not a drug addict and get side tracked 15 times is very relatable 😅

    • Aldrea says:

      So true, I had just started treatment for ADHD when the Adderall shortage started. I went from diagnosed, to medicated, back to unmedicated in a 6 month span. The ADHD medication shortage is wreaking havoc on so many people it’s ridiculous.

    • Crying_child says:

      Ngl I don’t have adhd but I could possible be autistic (But we just diagnose it as anxiety) 😂😂

    • Crying_child says:


    • Crying_child says:

      I say anyways a lot it’s like a habbit a bad habbit that’s a good song my ed sheeran I’ve just got this 03:00 AM Hyperness that’s how a word before you ask btw 😂😂

    • usernames are stupid says:

      @Aldrea is the Adderall shortage still going on?

  9. Gm says:

    So once he finishes with the DLC, someone please make a compilation of Mark roasting Monty into the ground, because damn.

  10. R0manDemig0d says:

    I love that if you pay attention you can see which Helpi is actually just a normal AI and which one is clearly trying to control Cassie

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