Castlevania: Nocturne | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Castlevania: Nocturne | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

The rise of Richter Belmont. Premieres only on Netflix, September 28.

New series focusing on Richter Belmont origin story feat. vampires in the French Revolution.

The gory and gothic adventures of the Castlevania franchise continue with an exciting new setting and their highest stakes yet. A gripping story of love and loss, Nocturne marks an evolution to the original fan-favorite Castlevania Netflix Series. Featuring a never before seen origin story of Richter Belmont (gaming icon, and one of the Franchise’s most beloved characters).

Led by showrunner Kevin Kolde and Creator/Writer Clive Bradley. Produced by Project 51 Productions with production services provided by Powerhouse Animation.

If you’ve never seen a Castlevania show, gaming adaptation, or anime before: start here.

More information is coming soon.


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Castlevania: Nocturne | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

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32 Responses

  1. Crazy is Lifes middle name says:

    I love how it looks like both the vampires and magic in this series has evolved since its predecessor

    • Oberon says:

      It’s crazy to see a Belmont fall in the opening of the trailer. That first vampire must be Carmilla/Dragan level or something…..or maybe our last batch of heroes were unusually powerful.

    • Raven Blood says:

      @OberonRichter is one of the most powerful Belmonts. So it seems this batch is stronger in general, both protagonists and antagonists

    • Kenneth Reyes says:

      @Oberon Well, the last batch came from a time when the monsters were pretty commonplace and fighting them was the norm even for regular folk. Now it looks like the vamps have gone really underground prefering to run things in the shadows. Wouldn’t be surprised this era’s Belmonts are less experienced.

    • Sapphire Jade says:

      TOTALLY agree! It’s 100% smoother than its predecessor in the animation department. The effects are SO much stronger. The emotional mood is there and I’m DOWN for it! I can’t wait!

    • Oberon says:

      ​@Raven Blood The MC may be that guy but I was referring to his mom. Trevor was such a beast even though he didn’t complete his training with his family that I wouldn’t expect a fully trained Belmont to get dropped on the street like that. There were vamps in the original series who seemed like they could beat Trevor one on one though.

  2. Sara Morales says:

    Give the editing team a raise! What a great teaser trailer.

  3. Dakota Alexander says:

    Ayooo, please keep pumping out these castlevania shows/movies. As somebody who grew up playing all the games I’m in love with these.

  4. Rhys Clark says:

    Took less than 30 seconds of this trailer for it to hit me with the same feelings as the original series, such atmosphere, great voice acting performances, love it.

  5. hahaImout says:

    God this look freaking good! I’m gonna miss Trevor and Sypha, I can’t wait to see my boy Alucard again and team up with Richter, I hope we get references to Christopher, Simon and Juste

    • Jerry M says:

      We probably won’t, they’ll either be just mentioned or ignored.

      Simon was and will forever be my absolute favorite Belmont, with Julius being second.

      It sucks that Richter always gets the shine because of the popularity contest, similar to how SquareEnix always milks the FF VII cow all the time, even though there were so many better FF games and characters other than FF VII’s universe.

      If I sound bitter, I am lol 😂

    • Gonzalo Fres says:

      Yeah, eventually he is going to make an appearance. Although I doubt he’ll be in this season.

    • tango33w says:

      ​@Jerry Myou sound justified

    • olrox says:

      ​@Gonzalo FresAlucard’s voice was in the first trailer, the one that says: “So part of you has died”

  6. Javier A. Rivero P. says:

    My body was not ready for a new Castlevania series, but how could I say no? This looks like 10/10 banger!

  7. Carson Hawkins says:

    I enjoyed how the first saga was a feeling of “Vampire killers saving a dystopian world.” vibe where everybody was like “Yeah, monsters and vampires are real, get over it.” It made it fun and intense leading up the that badass climactic final battle.

    Nocturne seems more like a “Vampires? Ha! Fairy tales.” vibe with monsters hiding amongst the people of a more modern world. So a bit more mystery, a bit less total destruction and large scale warfare.

    It’ll be fun to see how they handle that transition and maintain the action-packed violence and bloodshed. From the trailer it seems like we’re getting plenty of badassery. So having it in a different setting, more personal confined circumstances, should be fun.

    • Alacaelum says:

      I think the same, instead of letting humanity rally against a common enemy the vampires learned and let them forget they exist, so those few that still fight against them become just raving lunatic fighting against fairy tales, and they can pull the strings of events without most people noticing.

    • Sapphire Jade says:

      Totally agree. I like the different mood for the said monsters is DEFINITELY different. As the culture changed, so do the people. One of my theories, being vampires living amongst the higher ranks of society, turned out to be true. It adds so much suspense and mystery.

    • AceOfSpadesGuy says:

      The scale of the first show was both to its credit and to its detriment. Mainly in the sense that these vampires trying to create kingdoms in the middle of Europe was just completely ridiculous. Like, Carmilla’s plan was already crazy in the show, but the show downplays just how insane it really was, her scheme would’ve brought them into direct conflict with the freakin Holy Roman Empire. Vampires have to be sneaky because otherwise they’d get completely wiped out.

    • Meritorious Technate says:

      The first series was definitely magical realism. Nocturne feels like contemporary fantasy.

    • Pink Panther says:

      Perfectly said. I personally can’t wait for this to come out.

  8. sarcanicus1 says:

    I can’t wait to see Richter take on the night. he was one of the strongest Belmont and the first one with Item crash. I hope they show the full extend of his power. Richter looks to have his Rondo of blood look when he was younger i wonder if they are going to lead all the way to Symphony of the Night and his longer hair.

  9. Bernardo Flores says:

    ufff Netflix que genialidad la que estas continuando, no paremos por favor con esta grandiosa Saga…(smells SOTN)….gracias!!!

  10. Dan S says:

    The studio that does this series is top notch. I don’t think there is anyone better in the business right now.

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