Food Theory: MrBeast Burger is FAILING!

Food Theory: MrBeast Burger is FAILING!

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MrBeast is… suing himself?! That’s right, Jimmy Beast is taking on his own company MrBeast Burger. Granted, it’s not as simple as it sounds. MrBeast Burger is controlled by Virtual Dining Concepts, who MrBeast alleges is tarnishing his name. But the story gets crazier, as VDC is suing MrBeast back for the sum of $100M! So, what is REALLY happening here?
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52 Responses

  1. The Food Theorists says:

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  2. Peter Griffin 🐦 (Bird is the Word) says:

    This is why I have never ordered a beast burger. Knowing it’s a ghost kitchen, I knew quality couldn’t be guaranteed.

  3. ShadowDemon 22 says:

    Bare minimum, there should be a “Ghost Kitchen” label of some kind on the website when you’re ordering. People can still order if they want, but at least they’re informed about where their money is going and the quality they may or may not get.

    • Allison T. says:

      This is putting the work on us not the delivery site, but if the website/app you’re ordering from has the “restaurant”‘s address listed you can plug that into google without the business name and see what comes up.
      I agree we shouldn’t need to, but at least that way we can know whether it’s a real place or not. Especially if you go into street view and look around at nearby storefronts.

    • neoHippie says:

      ​@Allison T.i didn’t know ahead of time but i noticed that it was coming from a known restaurant and $12/burger. It was so much but i went ahead bc I thought it was going to his charity so ok. But they were oily, barely warm, and just so plain even “all the way”. Even the fries were not hot and meh.

      Never again.

    • Merennulli says:

      It’s probably on the legal page of the site somewhere.

      Humans stop reading warnings pretty fast. After about 2 warnings, the rest is noise, and while ghost kitchens are noteworthy, allergy warnings and calories have good reason to take that limited attention space.

    • Spiker985 Studios says:

      DoorDash does mark them on the store listings

    • Sock Osophie says:

      consumer protection in murica? Don´t make me laugh 😀 Everything that doesn´t maximize profit is unthinkable in murica 😀

  4. Kevin Studdard says:

    We ordered Beast Burger twice, each from a different location. The first one was amazing. It came to us hot and tasted great. The second order was atrocious. It was basically room temperature, the fries were soggy, and it just tasted bad. After that experience, we decided that if the quality is going to vary that wildly it was not worth rolling the dice, especially considering that Beast Burger isn’t exactly cheap. This was well before Jimmy spoke out about the issues. I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of the deal.

    • Kiernimbus says:

      Honestly, I’ve ordered Beast Burger about a dozen times, and I have no complaints. I recognize that I must be lucky, since the tracker on Doordash suggests that my local Red Robin is the ghost kitchen.

    • MichealGl Coyle says:

      I went about 10 times, 2 were at the physical, they were amazing, the other 8 were mixed, 1 was good, 7 were from bad to inedible, all from different places

    • James Philip says:

      What did he expect? Like Jesus.

      You’re asking other people to make your food and you’re expecting everyone to have standards.

      Sounds like he had low standards.

    • The Divergent says:

      ​@James Philipso did the customer have to be the one that suffer?

      And again, food industries have safety standard

      Take example at mcdonald
      Several years ago, some of their employees take photos kitchen condition
      And horrible
      Ofc immediately they shut that places down, for safety and health reason

  5. Baji Krazy says:

    A few months ago, Mr. Beast Burgers were finally available in Mexico. I was excited to order, but when it finally arrived, it was barely edible. I was a firm believer that you could not mess up a burger.

  6. JDCRWS says:

    I hope MrBeast wins. This has probably hurt his image so kuch, and a guy like him doesn’t deserve that.

    • Jason says:

      Oh yes he does. Dude is doing things for the views not the people.

    • Lilo Whitney says:

      ​@Jason Who cares? Certainly not the people for whom his money helps.

    • nobody there says:

      @Jasonwell, he did admit that, but he also said he was genuinely giving out free money at the same time w/o regrets unlike a case in i think russia or smth where this “wholesome” guy gave a little girl an iphone which was supposedly in the iphone box for free, but after that he told her to give it back as the box was actually just a prop but the girl didn’t want to give it back and the mother supported her (she was w/ her daughter probably to have some mother-daughter bonding time) but tehe guy ultimately snatched it away from the girl’s hands (the whole thing was somehow caught on camera idk how).

      so yeah, mr beast IS doing this for the views, but not _just_ for the views.

    • UnhingedHook says:

      ​@Jason even if he does what he does for views, does it actually matter? the money and stuff he gives out is real anyways.

    • Violet Crown says:

      ​@JasonOh. You’re one of those “people”.

  7. Neko Jester says:

    I worked in one of these ghost kitchen. We where fully capable of making great burgers, but all my co workers hated Mr beast for adding more to there already difficult job. Most if not all my co workers never made the food right or purposely made it wrong. I tried my best to make it right, but I wasn’t always the one making the food. My work celebrated when we stopped the orders. My manager threw away everything we only used for beast burgers.

    • Coolguy987 says:

      They hated that they had to cook more food?

    • douglas grant says:

      They get paid by the hour not per burger

    • Vaeldarg says:

      Pretty messed up to spite the customer for the manager’s fault of taking on more work than they could chew.

    • Neko Jester says:

      @Vaeldarg I can agree, but it wasn’t the managers decision. It was the company. I have helped at multiple locations and still work for this company and all of them had beast burgers. Some places never got orders so they never knew how to do it properly, some knew how to make the food but didn’t try at all to make it good, and others did try to make the food correctly and as good as there other food. It really depended on witch location I was at and how busy they where. More busy ment less care, not busy ment no care. But I do agree that my coworkers should have tried there best, it’s still there job, but I would always get a response of “I work for [redacted] not mr beast.”

    • Vaeldarg says:

      @Neko Jester Yeah I mentioned that in a reply to another comment, that the problem with these ghost kitchens is their reputation (and thus the incentive to display good inspection scores) is separate from the brand’s name. If nobody knows the actual place that made the food, it isn’t them whose reputation takes the hit.

  8. Deacon Poole says:

    I’m seriously so glad that Eddy Burback finally drew some mainstream attention to the VDC and Ghost Kitchen controversy/rabbit hole, and now the general public and those in charge are stepping up and cracking down on Ghost Kitchens’ scummy and shady practices

  9. Roset 1557 says:

    This is why you get a lawyer to read that contract to make sure your not hurt in the process and it benefits both . My aunt used to work with legal stuff like that and she reads everything I have questions about

    • David Rozier says:

      You don’t even need a lawyer if you know how to read contracts, and go over every little detail, while knowing the legal system.

    • C. Hobson says:

      The issue with getting a lawyer to read over the contract is that Ghost Kitchens were probably a very new form of business when Mr. Beast signed the contract, so they probably didn’t know what to look for in terms of contract pitfalls.

    • Arthur G. Machado says:

      He surely did

  10. RJ Coombs says:

    As someone that currently is employed by a restaurant that produced for Mr beast burger’s ghost kitchen, Can confirm. We as a restaurant did our best to be consistent, but we ran into supply issues with ingredients, that and some of the other stores (of our own company) were doing several things differently (something that we can’t always help) It really sucks for Jimmy as a whole.

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