49ers trade Trey Lance to the Cowboys for 4th-Rd pick | NFL | UNDISPUTED

49ers trade Trey Lance to the Cowboys for 4th-Rd pick | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless, Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Sherman weigh in on the San Francisco 49ers trading Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys. Skip says “Trey Lance will not have a role for the Cowboys this year. He’s not better than Cooper Rush.”

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49ers trade Trey Lance to the Cowboys for 4th-Rd pick | NFL | UNDISPUTED


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35 Responses

  1. UNDISPUTED says:

    Subscribe to The Carton Show now: http://sprtspod.fox/SubscribeCartonShow

  2. Sabin Tee says:

    Skip sitting back quietly, smiling at the monster of a sports show he’s created. What a devious man 😂

    • Javeaughn Barnes says:

      Skip created the show, uncle Shannon made the show.

    • Seth Howard says:

      @Javeaughn Barnesdoesn’t matter.. the creator is the one that succeeds

    • Marco says:

      He really is a host and won’t do much talking 😂

    • DacciTV says:

      @Javeaughn Barnesskip made Shannon’s career, skip was made as ESPN then helped FS1 take off, if skip didn’t get Shannon on the show Shannon would still be on nfl on cbs lol

    • Alrighty Forever says:

      ​@Marcoif he’s smart he will let them be the talkers and just come in with some hot takes to make them debate more. Easy money. I already like this collection of opinions.

  3. Mike 1 says:

    Congratulations for Richard, I’m really happy for him…I’m happy for Michael Irvin especially what’s he’s been going through, And happy for Keyshawn Johnson he didn’t deserve to get laid off like that…Situation like this is a blessing and brings ppl more together.

  4. eloy valles says:

    Love it ! What an exciting show with a great bunch of guys … looking forward to the season … Go Cowboys 🤠

  5. Mitch Conner says:

    The energy felt a little too high lol but I’m excited to see this group grow together on the show. Hopefully they’ll stay together for the long run!

    • jared swift says:

      Having too much energy is a pretty damn good problem for a show like this.

    • Frosty Warrior says:

      I never heard of energy being too high on a debate show before

    • Rig says:

      You gotta do your homework then lol, Richard and Michael are gonna debate all the damn OXYGEN out of the room every damn day 😂😂 You thought Skip and Shannon had some showdowns daily, this is gonna a boxing match. This group is this electric already and we are 2 weeks out from the regular season… Man i cant wait for when it really gets good 😂🔥🔥🔥

  6. sassyone82 says:

    I love this new format with the new cast. Especially love seeing Irv back on TV where he belongs. Can’t wait to see more!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. By Any Means necessary says:

    This crew is exactly what we needed.

  8. Phillip Cervantez says:

    Well done, Skip. This new lineup is off the charts.

  9. The King says:

    Happy to see my man Michael Irvin back in the game ready for some football

  10. Kevin Campbell says:

    Gotta say, if this sticks, what a vibe between Sherman, Keyshawn, Irvin and Bayless.
    This’ll be an interesting few weeks, depending on if these same people keep showing up and we get to see their chemistry grow day by day

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