Best Colored Pencil Art Wins $5,000!

Best Colored Pencil Art Wins $5,000!

We made art out of colored pencils! Watch until the end to see who wins!

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30 Responses

  1. ZHC Crafts says:

    Subscribe and you could split the winnings with the winner!

  2. Maxuality says:

    Michelle has improved so much. As a community I think we should def be proud of her.

  3. Lola Wale says:

    Through the years, Michelle has improved so much. It has been so fun watching her grow and learn!

  4. Morgan Phillips says:

    I love way Michelle improvised when she wasn’t able to use pink! The farmer theme was a great idea!

  5. Leya Leya says:

    Michelle has improved so much throughout this channel and we can all say we are proud of here

  6. Oasis Giyose says:

    “that is not a fruit”
    “That is not a finished piece” David is so wrong for that 😂

  7. Madison Stanley says:

    Michelle is starting to believe in herself and all I know is she is one of the most hardworking person and she is one of my favorites the fact she tries so hard and does it perfectly makes me so happy ❤

  8. Sahasra Gudipati says:

    Use this as a button if u think that Michelle has improved in art so much

  9. AmeliaS Major says:

    Ben’s shocked face at the ending is hilarious 😭😭

  10. Joshua Davids says:

    Michelle’s art really stepped up compared to her past work its really getting good.

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