Force | Ahsoka | Disney+

Force | Ahsoka | Disney+

In 10 days, a new Jedi will rise.
The two-episode series premiere of #Ahsoka, a Star Wars Original series, arrives August 23 on Disney+

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34 Responses

  1. Mason says:

    Hayden absolutely nailed the nuances of matt lanter’s anakin voice in clone wars, while also making it a perfect blend of how he sounds in the movies

  2. xMatox says:

    Goosebumps. Hearing Hayden’s voice made me so happy that now I’m more excited to see what will Disney do with these awesome characters 😄

  3. MadebyMelz says:

    Hayden channels Matt Lanter’s clone wars Anakin so well! I can hear the charisma and the confidence

  4. Nicholyte Games says:

    Man does it feel so Good hearing Haydens Anakin onscreen talking to ashoka. It means so much to me. I feel so happy for Hayden finally getting acknowlegded/respect for his portrayal of Anakin/Vader. Same goes for Andrew as Spider-man. Them both getting redemption for putting passion in their iconic roles. Hope we see more in this series.

  5. Mario Jimenez says:

    I’m literally counting down the days and hours until this releases. I’m soooo hyped and excited for this show! Dave Filoni, you are the man!

  6. Star Wars Theory says:


  7. SoranotRoxas says:

    *Hearing Hayden saying Ahsoka’s name and giving a speech similar to Matt Lanter, is just everything I wanted* 🙌. So awesome

    • Madeline Garber says:

      Me too! It’s amazing!

    • Homelander says:

      Can’t wait to see which way Disney wipes their a** with Starwars this time. Back to front? Or front to back you think? 🤔

    • Alco Ballic says:

      It’s really awesome that with each series they’re really polishing Anakin’s character and separating Anakin the Jedi from Vader the Sith. They really are two different ppl and it makes you think that Anakin would’ve been the greatest Jedi of all time if he hadn’t fallen to the dark side.

    • Planet Linux says:

      Yeah, Hayden is really nailing it. Sounds surprisingly close to Matt Lanter from the Clone Wars! While my brain was like “yes that’s Hayden!” I’d was then like “wait, or could that part be a clip of Matt from The Clone Wars?”

      Very impressively done!

  8. C3WhiteFang Alexandra Diaz says:

    I honestly thought it was Matt Lanter! But then I heard Hayden’s distinct voice, and man I was shocked. It really shows that he’s done his research, and did indeed watch the heck out of clone wars like he said he did. I mean, any other actor would have just shrugged off Matt Lanter’s contribution to the character, seeing as Hayden was first to bring him to screen, but I love how he adapts to it instead. He’s clearly nailed the voice, and I can’t wait to see how he does everything else!

  9. M P says:

    Hearing Anakin talking to Asoka gave me chills. If they do a flash back, I wonder how they will de-age her. I wonder if we will see him as a force ghost. I believe in her heart, she still believes Anakin is there when he was Vader.

  10. Wolf Hunter says:

    It gives goosebump just hearing Hayden Christensen say “Ahsoka”.

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