I Tried Public Sleep Pods

I Tried Public Sleep Pods

no but really who smoked
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42 Responses

  1. GelatoGurl1 says:

    The fact that someone saw u were tired and gave u an energy drink is so wholesome😊

  2. gamenmettallys says:

    Can we appreciate how kind Japan is and how many times he placed a camera outside and no one even bothered

    • Yuh Anday says:

      you can put your wallet in the middle of the road and can come back the next day and it’s still there. That’s how nice Japanese people are.

    • Nowhere says:

      umm I agree but also 5:53

    • Thomasih Edits says:

      yea my family had to go to japan when i was rly young for half a yr cuz my dads work and my mom literally left her bag with, wallet, id, every single card we own on a bench for almost an entire day and it was still there with everything inside

    • Cold Grumpy Tree says:

      @Yuh Anday No you can’t

    • JC AMV's says:

      @Nowhere that is a foreigner..

  3. Marvo HCR2 says:

    Ryan’s the only person who can walk around Japan sleeping while doing stand-up comedy

  4. Patterrz says:

    The guy that saw you sleeping and gave you an energy drink is a hero

  5. Dansk Lego Ninjago says:

    Shoutout to that sweet guy who gave Ryan a energy drink.😊❤

  6. Matthew Power says:

    Honestly Ryan’s self confidence to travel the world BY HIMSELF and film himself in public doing all these odd experiences is inspiring 🤘

  7. drewdoes says:

    Ryan really can make looking for a place to nap entertaining 😂

  8. JodieKT says:

    Ryan’s the type of guy who can make anything entertaining

  9. Sharknado says:

    Ryan: wants to take naps
    Also Ryan: drinks coffee every snack break

  10. Naruomi says:

    I am a Japanese person and I can confirm that people do actually nap on the trains I will go back and visit grandparents in 2 months 😁 I’m glad you enjoyed Japan.

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