Frieza VS Megatron (Dragon Ball VS Transformers) | DEATH BATTLE!

Frieza VS Megatron (Dragon Ball VS Transformers) | DEATH BATTLE!

Who wins? It’s Goku’s nemesis versus Optimus Prime’s rival!
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46 Responses

  1. Gishathosaurus says:

    The 3D animation team did an outstanding job on this one, and it was really close too

    • Azrael_Knight says:

      This was animated by good old DevilArtemis himself

    • The Good, The Bad, and The Nasty says:

      Oh this was a one sided stomp for sure, but the animation was very good at keeping them relevant to each other.

    • zero mixer says:

      Anti-matter was stated that it could kill Frieza, and there would be match ups where it most definitely could kill frieza, but however it’s not just plain out win condition, it wasn’t a stomp, a stomp includes a win through minimal effort, and no way of the other opponent winning at all…. Crash vs Spyro, Ganon vs Spyro, Akuma vs Shao Khan, and etc.

    • zero mixer says:

      Ganon vs Bowser, idk why I said Spyro twice lol

    • ThirdRateNerds says:

      oh the fight animation was killer, but I think we all knew Megatron was boned here. He’s got firepower, but Frieza was blowing up planets in his weakest form, this was never gonna be a close fight

  2. Prince Vegeta says:


    This animation was god tier expected of my boi DA!

  3. Narwhal Lord42 says:

    I loved the “You will die by my hand!” And Megatron responding with “You fool!” A complete role reversal of that iconic moment

  4. TellmeNinetails says:

    I love megatrons speech at the end, he knew he was outmatched if his attack didn’t work but basically solidified that megatron took almost everything from frieza in their fight.

    • Spartan A111 says:

      At least he kinda injured him severely so now he floats away without a fleet or half a body

    • Juubi says:

      Megatron may have lost but I still feel like he won here by matter of making it an empty victory for Frieza and making sure he *knows* it

    • T@wesomE says:

      Basically he also won technically but i would never thought that a transformer had so much power in their blasts to push back friezas huge ass attack back at him! 😆

    • Megatron Leader Of The Decepticons Empire says:

      Also he played him, at the end of the fight Frieza promised to kill all the cybertronian, Basically Megs made Frieza his Ultimate Weapon against Optimus and his Autobots. Ah, even if he Dies, Megatron Never lose. This shows how manipulative he is.

    • Velshin says:

      I didnt expect the battle will be this close!

  5. Neutra77 says:

    19:12 Even if he won, it’s impressive that Megatron left such an impression on Frieza that he decided Cybertronians as a whole should go the way of the Saiyans.

  6. TheRenegade says:

    This episode gave Megatron more respect and character then any of the Bay films. And he deserves it too! So happy he finally got some recognition.

  7. Super Saiyan Diclonius says:

    Props to DevilArtemis for doing such an amazing job.

  8. GoGo Joe Show says:

    Everyone is mentioning the Animation here, but literally everything was on point in this episode. Animations, Graphics, Editing, Textures, Sound, and even the Voice Acting. Really well done to the entire team here. Everyone was firing their anti-matter guns and spinning their death discs this time. Very well done.

  9. Nordthicc Ruins says:

    Why are the transformations, poses, and tactics so on point?!
    The frieza form changes are better than super! The tactics from megatron are ridiculously accurate too, but what really gets me are frieza’s mannerisms. Completely nailed it, from the voice, to the poses he makes when struggling, confident, fighting, etc.. 100% accurate. This feels like it was ripped straight out of the highest quality official crossover possible!

  10. Duck Dodgers says:

    I think the main reason that Black Frieza didn’t just kill Goku and Vegeta is that he didn’t need to. He alreadys knows about death and that Goku and Frieza would just come back if he killed them. By letting them live, he gets live inside of Vegeta’s head rent free and it’s unlikely that they would rush to kill him as well.

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