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The Oklahoma City Thunder defeat the San Antonio Spurs, 122-121. Chet Holmgren led the way with 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 1 assist for the Thunder in the victory, while Luguentz Dort added 14 points and 2 assists. Victor Wembanyama tallied 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals in his debut for the Spurs. The Thunder improve to 1-0 in the preseason, while the Spurs fall to 0-1.

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39 Responses

  1. V0Id says:

    Wemby and Chet are gonna be interesting to watch this season, I’m so excited!

    • Sac12 says:

      Not sure why everyone is going crazy over these 2 dudes over a preseason game when no one trying lets see them face some real big men in the regular season then we talk until then they’re still busts to me.

    • H O O D I E says:

      @Sac12it’s not over a preseason game, we’ve been interested to watch them play since they were drafted

    • metawave789 says:

      @Sac12i will agree with you there. but don’t be surprised if san antonio makes the playoffs due to wemby changing spurs organization. for oklahoma city, chet will be the only guy to change it which i believe they will. i hope golden state falls off since CP3 will give San Francisco its ring curse to not win it

  2. Beshara Fereg says:

    I really hope these 2 stay on their teams for their entire careers. It would make a really good rivalry.

  3. Mysterious Girl says:

    What a preseason game on both ends..chet and wemby did not disappoint in this one.

    • Sac12 says:

      Well since everyone is praising this Victor bum wayy too much over a preseason game I think its time for someone to be honest that someone being me.

      First his defense was terrible he let his matchup score 20 points with only 1 block at 7’5

      Terrible rebounding just 5 boards at his height is pathetic so that’s a clear sign real big men like AD or Giannis will destroy him in the box out

      He was extremely too cocky for his first game flexing on chet after the and-1 was uncalled for and a sign of a bad attitude.

    • juss_aNormalsquid says:

      @Sac12 you have to realise this is an preseason game, and his NBA debut let his defense develop
      plus, being “cocky” is just being competive, its trash talking

    • Mekel Is boosted says:

      @Sac12lil bro I promise you nobody cares what u think if any of them, u aren’t Steven smith, pls just stop wasting your time I feel bad for u🤦‍♂️

    • Matthew Sendejo says:

      @Sac12stop crying

  4. Blazin ' says:

    Pop was building depth in the second half 😢 They will definitely win more games this season!

    • Zachary Pope says:

      Thunder out there 2nd string in after half whole Pop only did in the 3rd copying OKC. OKC bench came back and won showing they have the better depth

    • Landon Mccloy says:

      ​@Zachary PopeKJ and sochan didn’t play those are the spurs 2 starters, but yeah OKC won, great game regardless of 2 starters on spurs were missing ✅

    • 808bboarder says:

      Spurs looked absolutely dominant in the first 1.5 qtrs. Thunder Bench locked up and good adjustment to the lineup by Coach Diagneault. GG Spurs see y’all for the next 10yrs!

    • 808bboarder says:

      @Landon MccloyWe know Shai ends things with Chet and JDub tho

    • Slow More says:

      #11 should’ve made an extra pass.
      The center/Pf should’ve kicked it to the corner

  5. MrChandlerjm says:

    Wembeyama is going to be a problem. He’s talented as heck. Chet is dope as well. Super excited to see the competitive spirit.

  6. Jared Bess says:

    Jalen Williams is a monster man. The entire Thunder squad is deeply talented

  7. TowLife Channel says:

    Both these teams are gonna be fun to watch this season 🔥

  8. Zenyth says:

    Chet is pretty good. He really is the kind of guy that could help shai to make it further in the playoffs this year. Wemby looked very comfortable. If he gets as comfortable as he was in the french league, there will be no stopping him.

  9. Lunic says:

    I hope neither of them get injured, these two are so fun to watch, I’d like to see more games of them as the season progresses.

  10. Kai Creatiouz says:

    It’s insane how fast paced the league is getting. It takes so much to play good defense and make good decisions

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