Galactus VS Unicron (Marvel Comics VS Transformers) | DEATH BATTLE!

Galactus VS Unicron (Marvel Comics VS Transformers) | DEATH BATTLE!

Who wins this epic animation of cosmic giants!
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34 Responses

  1. @Kriskirby1992 says:

    Despite being antagonists, I like that Galactus was at least technically the good guy in this fight since he isn’t all evil, I’d rather the planet be devourered by him

    • @zeospark9715 says:

      Indeed. Galactus doesn’t feed on worlds because he wants to. He HAS to if he wants to stay alive. Unicron, however, feeds on worlds on the basis of “I am the embodiment of evil! I do what I want!”

    • @jthunderboldt says:

      ​@@zeospark9715 and if you are lucky you might get to be Galactus’s herald

    • @jefferyoneill1 says:

      ​@@zeospark9715 So basically, Galactus is Lawful Evil, while Unicron is Chaotic Evil

    • @fleskhjertafan93 says:

      There is no malice in what galactus does, if better candidates for food are available he will switch. He is more of a force of nature than a chaos agent

    • @teckdeck6480 says:

      ​@jefferyoneill1 I guess it’s more complicated than that, though he does not like to consume planets and even starts fixing all he destroyed when he became the life bringer

  2. @Leonson1 says:

    Unicron collapsing a star into a black hole to essentially use it like a roll of quarters was pretty damn amusing.

    • @dubledolix0956 says:

      That just shows how strong he is, by turning a cosmological event like a *black hole* into an impromptu knuckleduster.

  3. @leeeinfield says:

    I hope yall are paying your animator what they deserve. These battles have gotten exponentially better and better.

  4. @spunkybug3507 says:

    The sad thing about Galactus is that he’s become the thing in comics that someone fights to show how powerful they are instead of him actually being scary

    • @ManofSteel4889 says:

      Yup, whole armadas have turned tail and ran due to people just knowing that Earth sent Galactus packing….twice

    • @nono9543 says:

      He’s been for decades if we’re being fair. Him, The Living Tribunal, and Eternal.

    • @pacmonster066 says:

      I mean, to be fair. When you’re used a measuring stick for cosmic, multiversal power, that’s pretty bad ass in its own right, even if he’s not getting the W very often.

    • @LegendaryDarkKnight602 says:

      There was the comic where he absorbs Dormammu, Sattanish, and everyone else at the battle making his power unstable. I also think he absorbed Black Bolt and gained his Quasi Sonic scream, causing all the dimensions to bleed into each other. Dr. Strange defeated him at the cost of everything as Strange was seen at the very end in an infinite white void with a question mark over his head. It may have been a what if scenario.

    • @SamGarcia says:

      @@nono9543 don’t forget about The One Above All if the writer is feeling especially spicy

  5. @Milkra says:

    You know a fight between two cosmic gods is gonna be insane when they’re writing poetry as they throw hands

  6. @jamaalsmith5207 says:

    Love how Galactus has been used as a punching bag so much by modern marvel, people thought this would be another easy defeat.

  7. @AkiraDevilman69 says:

    Ah yes, I sure do love Galactus from Transformers and Unicron from Marvel Comics.

  8. @galaxycamerata says:

    I love that this takes the climax of Thanos vs Darkseid and then just makes that the default scale of the fight.

  9. @expressiondestination6430 says:

    Can we all agree that this was absolutely beautiful!! You animators don’t get enough love!! This was a great send off to the season

  10. @Razzrazz90 says:

    I love how they talked and rhymed through the whole fight like old classic 60’s-70’s comic characters would. Like they’re as much *mythical figures* facing off as giant colorful action figures slamming into each other

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