Scarface: Tiny Desk Concert

Scarface: Tiny Desk Concert

Bobby Carter | December 18, 2023
Scarface’s Tiny Desk concert radiates with his decadeslong passion as an emcee and producer. There’s calculated intent behind every word and note of this 30-minute set and I learned that his love for golf also runs deep during our initial meeting. He was playing a round and had difficulty dividing his attention between the plan and the course. Three days before the show, amid rehearsals, I got a call from Facemob asking, “What if I brought Mike Dean?” My expectations were already high, but that final addition set the stage for something special.

Mike Dean provided unmatched authenticity, and their shared stories added sentimental value to this performance. After all, his signature keys and synths can be heard on most of Scarface’s classics and countless Rap-A-Lot records. Here, we get a rare glimpse of Scarface the conductor, bouncing through multiple eras of his catalog including “On My Block,” “Mary Jane” and the bone-chilling “I Seen a Man Die.”

Scarface, along with Rakim, was recently awarded the inaugural Hip-Hop Grandmaster Award from the newly launched Paid in Full Foundation, which includes a sizable financial prize and healthcare. No matter how the never-ending hip-hop greats debate is sliced, the rapper’s place is cemented as one of the most influential storytellers in the culture and his Tiny Desk is proof.

“On My Block”
“Mary Jane”
“I Seen a Man Die”
“F**k Faces”
“Mind Playing Tricks on Me”

Scarface: lead vocals, guitar
Mike Dean: keys
Steven “Spud” Howard: vocals
Takai “Cookie” Hicks: vocals
Peigh Jones: vocals, guitar
Corey “FunkaFingers” Stoot: guitar
Josh Henderson: keys
Jason “The Bishop” Allen: keys
Savar Martin: drums
Anthony “Antboogie” Nicholson: bass, musical direction

Producer: Bobby Carter
Director: Maia Stern
Editor: Joshua Bryant
Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin
Videographers: Maia Stern, Joshua Bryant, Alanté Serene, Michael Zamora
Audio Assistant: Ted Mebane
Production Assistant: Ashley Pointer
Photographer: Elizabeth Gillis
Tiny Desk Team: Suraya Mohamed, Kara Frame, Hazel Cills
Series Creators: Bob Boilen, Stephen Thompson
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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33 Responses

  1. @DrezuanFord-op2if says:

    Whoever is responsible for this episode deserves a raise IMMEDIATELY!!🔥🔥

  2. @scorpiolove1679 says:

    I’m here to give you your flowers King! This one here was epic! The way your light was shining lit up the room. You flowed so effortlessly and your guitar playing was the icing on the cake. 💯❣️💪🏽

  3. @theinfamouspokeinrichmondc3543 says:

    Instant classic. This is right up there with Juvenille for the best NPR (Rap) Concert ever. Can we PLEASE get DJ Quik on here?? PLEASE????????

  4. @laquitamarie says:

    I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear this orchestrated this way, truly phenomenal I’m happy Scarface did this hopefully they do an album version!!!!!!!

  5. @diaxpora says:

    This is an intoxicating set. THE BEST Tiny Desk Concert I’ve seen, I can’t take my eyes off Scarface. His presence, storytelling, delivery, musical conducting, somatic movement and audience connection is stellar. World-class performance. Well done NPR producers and big big shout to the band and musicians. What a vibe!!!

  6. @kenyanthornell9717 says:

    I nominate this as was one of the best performances on Tiny Desk of 2023!!! Scarface looks so happy and in the pocket! This was so soulful. I think next time I see that Scarface is in concert I will def check it out for real. Also cool to see Face playing the guitar

  7. @djmykenasty says:

    I never thought I would see Scarface do a Tiny Desk Concert. I’m beyond grateful for this one.

  8. @vedataylor6146 says:

    He showed up and showed out!! Musicality is giving what it’s suppose to GIVE. His voice still sounds gritty. AMAZING!! Give whoever is responsible for this a promotion immediately!!

  9. @sahsha77 says:

    My new favorite Tiny Desk. Period. The energy, emotions and the display of the raw, unmatched genius of Face… did anyone else get emotional watching this?? Flowers to you Face and thank you NPR!

  10. @mikkelhansen3519 says:

    I listened to My Block as late as yesterday. Knowing how experiencing Scarface live probably won’t happen I will forever be thankful for this recording NPR, band and Scarface. Absolutely legendary

    • @BlackCannabisSmoke says:

      I saw him Boston about 4 years ago and DMX made a special appearance that even Face knew was coming. It was legendary.

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