The Chosen: Season 4 Official Trailer

The Chosen: Season 4 Official Trailer

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“Come to me, you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” That was the theme of Season 3. Jesus said this to a crowd of thousands before also saying it to Simon while they stood on water. Season 4? Jesus is weary and heavy-laden, and He needs rest.

We’re getting closer and closer to Jerusalem, to what we know is coming. Jesus is getting increasingly frustrated, and yes, sad. Not because he’s getting closer to death, but because of the reasons He must die. From his faith’s religious leaders, to the holy city of Jerusalem, to his own friends and followers, people are not understanding his mission. To that end, He must allow painful things, and even set in motion certain confusing or bittersweet events, to accelerate the outcomes that will lead to Holy Week.

Season 4 marks the midpoint of the most famous and influential story in human history. It will be painful, and it will be joyous. It will be bittersweet. But by all measures, Season 4 will also be our best.

– Dallas Jenkins, Creator of The Chosen

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38 Responses

  1. @aocnetwork says:

    That part when he said “Lazarus Come Out!” Chills…

  2. @ProfYago says:

    Seeing Jesus crying brough me to tears too…
    The Tears of Jesus are mine too.

    “Ver Jesus chorando me fez chorr junto.
    As lágrimas de Jesus são minhas também”

  3. @user-eq2oj1ys4q says:

    When Jesus said, “Physical death does not interrupt our eternal life” I felt a heart hug. Thank you Dallas, Johnathan and all involved in The Chosen.❤

    • @EJH949 says:

      Such a beautiful series..❤

    • @GreenTurtle001 says:

      Yes! Same here! “Physical death does not interrupt our eternal life.” Wow. ❤

    • @wilmawillard1351 says:


    • @dianna8453 says:

      What an exceptional statement. I didn’t catch it. So glad you shared it. Thanks. I’m blown away by the intensity of this trailer. I’ve been a believer for over 40 years, lots of bible studies, lots of prayer groups, lots of Sunday church BUT this series is TOTTALY bringing it all into tangible reality! Thank you God! Thank you Dallas and team, ALL of you! THANK YOU!!

    • @ViniciusMoreira-wj3gg says:

      Por isso acho uma incoerência mostrar Jesus chorando por causa de morte física

  4. @Xeroglyphics says:

    I’m in high school but watching this show has lead me to wanting to pursue ministry in my life and possibly become a missionary. It has deeply impacted me and I’m very grateful. ❤

  5. @themadennis says:

    This show has led me back to my Bible to study scripture again and again. Can hardly wait for the new season. Thanks for this wonderful show!!

    • @ruthrobinson4130 says:

      Yes! Reading the Bible and seeing the visual even if not exactly accurate in the visual, makes my heart rejoice when I get the sense of our purpose to Love God and Love People. Jesus showed us what’s important to please him and his Father. What love, sacrificing for a purpose bigger than us which includes our Earth and humanity.

    • @lance9249 says:

      God is good so glad this show has brought you to reading God word.

  6. @lindaallen3352 says:

    This series has helped me begin to understand Jesus’s suffering on this earth. That, in turn, has opened my eyes to how the Son of God can have compassion on me. As the show continues to grow in popularity, it’s inevitable that the enemy will do everything he can to make those involved stumble. Please pray that God will protect everyone involved, delivering them from evil, for the glory of His name.

  7. @Isa_Lauren says:


  8. @roselirogerio1822 says:

    Não sei se meu coração vai aguentar essa temporada…

  9. @DarcyTheManstop says:

    I feel the tears of jesus as my own. You deserve everything and so much more jesus❤️✝️🙌 All praise be to you my lord❤️✝️🙌

  10. @user-ll1hr4tr8v says:

    This looks to be the most emotional Season so far. Have shared The Chosen with so many and every one has come back to say thank you for sharing this with us. A huge thank you to Dallas Jenkins and everyone associated with The Chosen. You have brought the life of Christ back to life.

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