GAME OF THE YEAR??? Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

GAME OF THE YEAR??? Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

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37 Responses

  1. Caveman Hikes says:

    That’s some of the most unbelievable football I’ve ever seen.

    • Angel Diaz says:

      Ikr! Everything besides a blocked Field Goal/Punt happened lol. I’ve never seen a QB sneak sack fumbled for a touchdown before 🤯

  2. Kazzy Official says:

    It’s time to call it: Justin Jefferson is the best receiver in FOOTBALL

  3. James Jamison says:

    It’s so much easier not being a fan of either team. Being able to sit back and appreciate an amazing back and forth game is great. Seeing those Buffalo fans after that INT to end the game felt like a second hand gut punch, and I’m a Patriots fan.

    • DarkRedmanX22 ( Good Garbage Entertainment ) says:

      Could imagine what that felt like being a fan of the teams. I’m a Dallas fan but love football. And as a football fan, I couldn’t sit down during the 4th quarter. Most exciting thing I have ever seen.

    • Josh Geiger says:

      I’m a VIkes guy – I’ve been gutted so many ways that I’m somewhat numbed. I know how the story ends. I’m trying to live in the moment with this team, without letting my heart get too vulnerable.

    • me myself says:

      As a Dolphins afn, I’m sure happy with the end result but holy smokes what an end to a game.

    • Zavi Israel says:

      Heart beat faster than normal yesterday 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Corey Ritter says:

      As a Vikings fan this is exactly what i wanted… Josh Allen seemed close to 100 percent, we faced adversity, fought and came back down 2 TDs, and sealed the deal in OT… GET KIRKO HIS CHAINS

  4. Isaac Colyar says:

    This felt like it couldve been the super bowl. Insane.


    This has got to be the best game of the season thus far! Both Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs showed some extraordinary talents. Vikings defense also showed true heart in not giving up on the game. Go Vikings!!!👍

    • Tomspiffles says:

      Dig is a monster I miss having him in the Vikings

    • Joe Davis says:

      So did my Bills show a lot of heart stopping them twice within the 10 hard line great game all around just wish it was a different outcome.

    • Beard of Nursing says:

      I am so happy for Diggs. I totally understand why he was frustrated in Minnesota, and after the Minne Miracle, how can anyone not like him? Glad he’s playing with a QB that he has great chemistry with.

      But of course I’m very happy that we’ve got JJ!! Ended up being a great deal for both teams.

    • Ivan Daniel says:

      dude… that one-handed stab off an ABSOLUTE ROCKET by Diggs will of course and unfortunately; but rightfully, be over shadowed by JJ’s insane catch.

  6. Joker06 says:

    After this game I have to say the Vikings are indeed SB contenders. Coming down from 17 and beating the Bills in overtime is insane

  7. Aefax says:

    Craziest final 2 minutes in modern NFL history. Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs are otherworldly.

  8. Jimmy is Promo says:

    Almost as good as the Chiefs Vs Bill’s game. Still very explosive game.

  9. GamerAndGanja4Life_07 says:

    I’m a niners fan and this game was one of the best ending nail biters I’ve ever watched. I thought the bills were going to win this game but man vikings came back with that overtime game winning interception. Great game and congrats to the vikings for pulling off the win in Ot.

  10. IndieMan ! says:

    That commentator was brilliant with this game. His excitement and his calls gave me chills multiple times.

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