Game Theory: Give Me Your SOUL! (Minecraft Legends)

Game Theory: Give Me Your SOUL! (Minecraft Legends)

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Friends, welcome back to the block-shaped world of Minecraft! Today we’re talking about Minecraft Legends, the newest release from Mojang, and some of the sweet juicy lore we’ve found so far! There’s So much in this game that we’ve put together 3 Minecraft Legends theories for you to ponder today. So whip out those pickaxes and let’s get to work!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Warak, Tyler Mascola and JayskiBean
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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40 Responses

  1. The Game Theorists says:

    Download the best fantasy RPG game Watcher of Realms for free:
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  2. PotatoKing says:

    MatPat is the only person who can take a simple game and complicate it beyond our understanding

  3. Luke Startrunner says:

    I love Matpat’s work finding a story on the most lore-quiet game ever

    • DaFilmQueen says:

      I know, right? Yet it is somehow compelling and very completely understandable in every regard..

    • Liam Watson says:

      ​@DaFilmQueenwith the most vague of hints.

      Heck, hints more vague than FNAF yet make more sense (for the game) compared to FNAF.

    • Jay56 says:

      Mojang said themselves both dungeons and legends are canon

    • Liam Watson says:

      @Jay56 did you not see the video… they didn’t confirm Legends as canon

    • Jordan Ekl says:

      Lore quiet?
      Its had lore since Beta, and they have only expanded it since…
      What about the natural pyramids that used to be apart of the world? (Now they have been repurposed into different structures)
      Why did the villagers even exist?
      Why does the world have so much sustainable life?
      Where even is the Nether?
      What even is the Nether?
      Why are skeletons, and the recently dead coming to life?
      What is the meaning of your character?
      What is the reason for life in this world?
      What is the purpose of…. Well you get the idea!!!

  4. Charlie Salzman says:

    The theory that lapis contains souls which it uses to enchant is further backed up by the fact that you need experience points (gained by killing mobs) to use the enchantment table ALONG WITH lapis

    • Your Average Idiot says:

      lapis also gives you a decent amount of exp when you mine it so you might be on to something

    • FnD Ch says:

      Probably experience points are substitute to souls or experience orbs are essentially the soul itself, which explains why excavated lapis ores work to use despite not mainly exposed to

    • Mythicalcattnip says:

      Even player soul doesnt drop other soul(every player always drop 7 exp and even lv 130 exp still drop 7)

    • Catgod says:

      There are other ways of getting XP than killing mobs. Some of the most effective XP farms are just from smelting mass quantities of cactus and then removing an item to get dozens of levels at once.

    • MR_Crond says:

      @Catgod but even then you are killing life

  5. ashenbreese says:

    i would love to see a full length video bringing all of these minecraft lore theories together into a single piece so badly. i love all the material that this channel has produced around minecraft lore. it truly deserves to be fully updated and presented in its entirety.

  6. AdamantShadow says:

    Can’t wait for some more out of context clips of these Minecraft videos that make MatPat look absolutely crazy.

  7. ☄️. Val . ☄️ says:

    Watching Matpat slowly descent into madness, Puts a smile on face.

  8. Bradley Rossbach says:

    In the last few years, especially as new updates have come to the game, Matpat’s ideas on the lore of the world have been revised a few times. I think it would be really great if we could see a current summary of his ideas about the full story of the Minecraft world

  9. Verna Hinman says:

    Welcome back MatPat!!! Your editor did a great job giving theories

  10. Little Miss Daydream says:

    This adds a new interesting layer to the ancient builders making portals.
    They were either trying to track down the hosts themselves in other worlds or trying to escape the over world like previous theories.

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