The Time Psychics Read my Future

The Time Psychics Read my Future

how much do you think they got right 😮

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49 Responses

  1. Hat & Hoodie says:

    Any psychic that tells you to take your pets to the vet instead of trying to sell you some spirit protection nonsense is a psychic I respect.

  2. Ксения К. says:

    Well, “three kids” thing is easy – apparently, Jaiden will have a third bird someday 😉
    Also – seeing Maya, Mia and Phoenix brings me unexpectedly lots of joy ✨
    Thanks for the video!

  3. Dudy Indian says:

    The fact that jaiden is aromantic asexual makes the 3 kids thing even funnier

  4. Ella Johnny says:

    After seeing Nick and Maya I am struck with the need for Jaiden to animate a play through of Ace Attorney like her nuzlocks

  5. Nonameless says:

    We’re all gushing about the psychic who told Jaiden to bring her bird to the vet instead of trying to get her to buy more crap, but Jaiden still paid $90 for a stranger to tell her to take her birds to the vet

    • xXMajorTomXx says:

      Jaiden paid $90 for additional video content. The sound advice about birds is just a nice Segway away from all the magic spells and protection crystals.

    • Oliver says:

      Mean basically giving a psychic a little credit for only being 90% garbage

    • cammo353 says:

      Jokes on you this entire video is a tax write-off

    • Gitarrenfanatiker says:

      Well she did also do readings for her. Of course, if you believe that it’s all humbug don’t go to a psychic, but for people that need closure on something or are just generally curious I don’t think paying 90 bucks is that bad.

  6. Chloe de Moratti says:

    As someone who can read Tarot, I’m the opposite of spiritual but that’s just a fun skill my mom taught me. Back in high school, my classmates would go insane and call me a witch but at the same time wanted a reading. So I was doing tarot readings once in a while and from experience can tell you that it’s pretty easy to be spot on about the person you’re reading if you have strong intuition. I knew my classmates for years so it was easy to predict the obvious and like you said, it’s easy to do some general remarks that seem deep and well fetched and ppl believe you.

    • VellusTerennia says:

      Cold reading and applied use of barnum statements to get your target to read specifics into a broad statement goes a long way to establishing rapport with a target, yeah.

  7. mgrosato says:

    All of my respect goes to the fortune teller that told her to go to the vet instead of making her buy something for $450

    • Luigi and friends says:

      She is the goat of all the physic

    • Alex says:

      But American health care cost…

    • Ekkusu says:

      Don’t respect people who scam for a living.

    • Jyose Kamukura says:

      @Ekkusu To be fair, as a person who has done tarot readings for free, most of it is cold reading and giving the obvious advice that these people’s friends clearly are too polite to tell them.

      EDIT: Like, for example, this dude came to me and was talking about his awful ex-girlfriend that was complaining for everything, and I was thinking to myself that this dude was obviously blaming her for everything and not taking accountability, and turns out that when I did his cards, he had the Hermit Arcana, which is for introspection, and I said to him: “Well, your cards say that you may be partly responsible of your relationship’s downfall, are you sure that your girlfriend is the sole responsible?” And he was like: “Maybe I was too pushy and I may have disregarded how she felt a couple of times”

      2nd EDIT: Also, another time I was doing readings for free, I was asked by a woman who was basically recently out of an abusive relationship, had lost all of her support systems due to the shitty boyfriend isolating her and wanted to figure out what to do with her life. I flat out told her that I wouldn’t be able to help her much with that, that she should see a therapist because that was a thing that a therapist should help her solve. She told me that she didn’t want outright help, she just wanted some certainty, and I did her cards and it turned out that her cards were the World, the Empress and the Star, which, combined, basically give a lecture of a hopeful future and a lot of girl power.

    • TinyToon says:

      ​@AlexThat or $450 “spiritual medical care” that’s not even guaranteed.

  8. Alloramora says:

    I’m no expert in the astrology/psychic scene, but I am an expert in knowing when people are getting ripped off, to which I have to say I agree with everyone, Psychic 2 here is the GOAT. Didn’t try to sell you any crystals or incense, did not seem predatory at all, genuinely seemed like a sweet and innocent person, and even gave real, actual advice in the “take your birds to the vet” response! I really hope that if you decide to get into astrology, you get back in touch with her and make connections.

    • Palitato says:

      I don’t have any problem with them trying to sell you some crystals, but charging THAT MUCH for them is WILD. Charging a tiny bit over what you could buy the same kind online for would be way more acceptable. Tiny markup cause they do need to profit and not just give things away, and for the advice to go along with it…
      But I also don’t believe in crystal ‘magic’, so.

    • Bruh Jonson says:

      Still a scammer

    • OsurukGurmesi17 says:

      She still lies for a living

    • Alexander Santos says:

      We, Westerners, are very naïve and very ignorant about authentic spiritual practice, and the marketplace has far more hucksters and self-appointed-but-clueless facilitators than it has actual teachers and genuine mediums, etc

    • CrowsNest says:

      @Alexander Santos
      That’d be because it’s 100% a sham all over the world. None of these would-be spiritualists can demonstrate their ‘ability’.

      The sad part is that the only ones who we don’t call a ‘scam’ are the ones so delusional that they actually believe it. Since they are as much a victim as their clients.

  9. Timothy Owen says:

    My guess as to why the psychics were all so consistent on your age of death and the being successful thing is that you asked them for palm readings, and I know from some material I’ve read that palm readings involve a specific set of numbers and rules for specific lines on the palm that you’ll find on almost every person you meet, including lines called the “life line” (how long you’ll live and whether you’ll die in an abrupt accident or of natural causes) and the “fortune line” (how much money you’ll earn in your life and how much you’ll have when you die).

    The “mother of three” thing, however, is beyond me, personally…

    • The Mad Griffin says:

      Congrats of a like and reply alredy

    • Punch Fruit says:

      man i want to go to one and see if i will be a father of 3 or something 😂

    • Sarah Metcalfe says:

      I don’t know how palm reading works and assumed that these predictions were cold calling based off (admittedly old) statistical averages. I mean, 2.5 (rounded to 3) children? In this Economy?

    • Midnight says:

      @Sarah MetcalfeI thought the 3 kids thing was a safe bet because a lot of families have 2 kids, so predicting she’ll have 3 is less likely to already be true. But she’s young so that still doesn’t make too much sense.

  10. Natalia's Ways says:

    Happy to find out Maya Fey is still doing great as a psycic and has Nick working for her. You go girl!

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