Game Theory: You KILLED the Planet! (Subnautica) #TeamSeas

Game Theory: You KILLED the Planet! (Subnautica) #TeamSeas

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Well Theorists, it’s finally happened. I’m doing a theory on Subnautica. This is something I’ve gotten messages about for YEARS and it was only a matter of time before it reached the top of my to-do list. So, I’m going to RUIN this game for all of you environmental hopefuls out there who have played through and thought you saved the day… because you DIDN’T!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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42 Responses

  1. Ignacio g says:

    “You killed the planet!”
    Me with the haunting memories of the deep monsters and environments from the game: *good*

  2. OwO says:

    We might aswell call MrBeast the next ‘Father Nature’ with using his success for a good cause.

  3. Wilson Percival Higgsbury says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention the Degasi and Sunbeam, I’d imagine three giant spaceships would be worse then one.

    • Nigel XD says:

      I mean judging by some of parts of the video I’m pretty sure he thinks the Degasi and the Aurora are the same thing

    • Nigel XD says:

      @Gio… Regardless of their size they probably also use nuclear power so they would have spilled radiation as well, well not the Sumbeam since that one got completely destroyed

    • Corey Bircher says:

      isnt the reaper drawn to radioation? so it probaly wasnt there originally. an invasive levithan class fish in an eco system. look at the dead space around the adult ghost and sea dragon levithians its possible they are responsible.

    • Brent Donohue says:

      @BimLau Yomashitobi I enjoy his content yeah do you think that’s an insult or anything if you do then it’s just kinda sad you lurk on his videos comment section to do this man go find a hobby or something

    • Giorno says:

      @BimLau Yomashitobi wow what a absolutely disgusting troll 😁

  4. DudeGuy032 says:

    While I’m sure The Aroura crashing would be devastating to the eco system, Karra had already destroyed most of the planet and would destroy the rest of it if left uncured. The Architects however, they actually let Karra escape and are the ones who shot down many ships trying to keep it from spreading destroying the planet faster.

  5. Tanis031 says:

    He’s got a point about the impact and the explosion affecting that region. Not so much with the littering. Copper, lead, and uranium is found just hanging out on walls on this planet. Not added by humans at all.If that was enough to kill all the fish they’d be long since dead. Things like plastic are typically, but not always, made by humans but not all the time as rubber a naturally occurring plastic. People tend to forget that a lot of these elements are found in nature, we only process them, and true not-found-in-nature synthetics tend to be really rare. Yes, the littering will have an effect but the infusion of junk, from the Aurora, would be no worse than a meteor impact which ecosystems have had to deal with long before humans were on the scene.

    The problem is humans don’t stop littering. 2 billions tons of garbage added to the world once isn’t to bad but we add that much per YEAR and our trash tends to go to the same areas. The Aurora’s crashing while bad is not the end all of the entire planet as Matpat is alluding to but rather a much smaller, but still pretty massive, localized effect.

  6. Alex Bohnstedt says:

    I wish he would’ve done more research into the game itself, and he would’ve known that the large majority of many synthesized furniture and base parts are made out of almost entirely titanium, as well as the broken ship parts which, when broken down, are made into titanium chunks. Also most man made food in the game is only nutrient blocks and water, which are contained in most likely titanium cases. Additionally, the area outside the crater is seemingly only home to leviathans and microorganisms, which will not help the spread of the disease.

    • Kyneshya Tetley says:

      @YukiSNOW he cant play every game, just research for what he needs to create the theory, esp with games like this, its lots of gameplay to chugg through plus the science and math he and the team have to do.

    • Dustin VanKeuren says:

      @YukiSNOW The precursors didn’t find anything. The Emperor Leviathan was the source of the cure.

    • Nigel XD says:

      @Dustin VanKeuren they did descover that The Sea emperor produces encime 42 which is the cure, what they couldn’t figure was how to hatch the eggs of the Emperor which they needed because the Emperor they had couldn’t produce enough Encime 42 to cure the whole planet

    • YukiSNOW says:

      @Kyneshya Tetley a lot in this video would be changed if he spent a couple of hours in the wiki namely how the fabricator works where we get some of the resources and the big obvious gun that started it all

    • YukiSNOW says:

      @Dustin VanKeuren they had her the at the end before they die they just couldn’t figure out how to hatch her egg

  7. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    In all seriousness, I really like seeing the YouTube sphere unite for a cause like TeamSeas. Using their influence and power for the greater good to bring awareness to an issue.

  8. Erich Degurechaff says:

    “You KILLED…” I didn’t kill nothing. The player wasnt the pilot and the Architects that created the weapon that shoot the Aurora, how could any human know about it?

    • Videoms says:

      furthermore, the true enemy was (depending how you look at it) the aliens or that leviathan. The aliens had a noble cause but so did the leviathan, if they didn’t take the egg the leviathan wouldn’t have made the Khraa spread, if the leviathan just didn’t, the planet would be saved.

    • Nigel XD says:

      @Videoms I wouldn’t say noble, since they were only trying to cure the bacteria because it almost killed them all, and they found the bacteria when they were exploring and probably exploiting the resources of other planets

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus says:

      I don’t see anyone else strapped with a biblical bill for the destruction of the Aurora and misuse of its materials. 😛

  9. iGameriOS says:

    While I appreciate Matt’s dedication to getting the facts, his information with regards to nuclear power and reactors is a bit off. I’ve been working in the nuclear power field for nearly a decade and its miscommunicated information like this that scares people. With out context of scale talking about radiation means very little. Explaining the values compared to chest x-rays, standard airplane flights or even bananas (yes they are radioactive) helps put things into context. Additionally the safety features in reactors are typically very well engineered and in the community we study what went wrong at both Fukushima and Chernobyl to ensure disasters like that never happen again.
    Matt in the future it would be nice to see you do a collaboration with somebody from the nuclear power field to explain the differences from game to reality. A lot of peoples only knowledge of nuclear power comes from movies or games, which often depict it as bad. No technology is inherently good or bad, its about who we use it.

    • 7Seraphem7 says:

      For example, sailors on board nuclear missile subs (meaning they are powered by a nuclear reactor, as are all active duty submarines in the US Navy) actually received less overall radiation exposure per year then your average person does due to spedning about half the year under water and thus not exposed to sunlight. Meaning living in a small metal tube with a nuclear reactor going 24/7 results in less radiation exposure then just taking a stroll outside on a sunny day.

  10. Vincent Alis says:

    Friendly reminder guys that if you’re a big fan of the series you’ll inherently know more than TGT would. They do theories on tons of games, shows, movies and such from various genres. It’s fine to criticize the theory and research, just do so kindly👍

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