Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo HIGHLIGHTS: January 22, 2022 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Gary Russell Jr. vs Mark Magsayo HIGHLIGHTS: January 22, 2022 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Mark Magsayo dethroned Gary Russell Jr. by way of close majority decision to become the new WBC World Featherweight Champion, live on SHOWTIME from the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

#RussellMagsayo Fight Night Recap:

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47 Responses

  1. fvhitman4hire says:

    Action and aggressiveness wins these stalemate fights on the cards. Respect to Russell and congratulations Magsayo!

  2. Richel Sambilad says:

    Both Magsayo and Russell are true warriors, the latter were just unfortunate He sustained an injury in right shoulder. Anyway a good fight…

    • The Boxer says:

      Magsayo was good, but he could not beat up RUSSELL Jr. Even though RUSSELL was injured and could not use his right arm, Magsayo did not make adjustments.
      In boxing, to obtain the Championship belt, the opponent has to dominate and beat up the Champion. Last night was NOT the case.

    • David Thornton says:

      @The Boxer thank you he didn’t do shit 😂😂💯💯💯💯💯

  3. El Makinista Tv says:

    if he develop that right hook..and a great footwork..hes gonna be unstoppable..and be great in the future.

    • R FlorezD says:

      He needs to stop hopping too much and be ready to throw at all times.

    • Jub Jub says:

      @Speak proper Look, Mark won fair and square, I’m not trying to take anything away from him. And I agree, I think Gary would’ve lost even without the injury. You could tell from the start that long layoff really hurt him, dude just isn’t active enough to keep his tools sharp.

      I’m not cheerleading for Gary, I’m more just laughing at these jokers who think Mark is the next Manny. That’s clown shit 🤣. This dude is not special and he won’t be champ for long. Let’s cut the bullshit. As brilliant a defensive boxer as Floyd was, had he tried to fight Manny one-handed, Manny would’ve tore his ass up. The fact that Gary did as well as he did is embarrassing for Mark.

      I agree that Nava vs Mark is a more entertaining fight, but it’s also a fight Mark better avoid. Nava splatter that man. Shit would be grim 💀

    • Speak proper says:

      @Jub Jub i agree he aint pacman and lets not treat him as the next coming but even when Manny was young he had to develop more tools. Nav and Mark should def fight. That match would look totally different style of fight.

    • Jub Jub says:

      @Speak proper Sorry, bro, but Mark is a paper champion. The minute he fights a legit dude in good condition, he’s finished. He actually kinda reminds me of King Tug. Both Mark and Tug seem to have the goods, but then they end up looking mediocre against guys they should be able to demolish easily.

      Mark is garbage. Nava will smash him, and god help him if he ever moves up to 130. Shakur and Valdez would take this kid’s lunch money. Dude is smoke and mirrors, he ain’t the real deal.

    • Speak proper says:

      @Jub Jub bro fans like you kill me, calling any professional champ trash is laughable. Im not even a big Magsayo fan but as an amateur fighter I’ll respect any fighter that gets in there not call them ‘trash’ or ‘bums.’ All these dudes are the real deal that actually put in work and not just type on the keyboard. straight keyboard boxing analysts. At the top level anyone could lose and im not mad at it, thats just the nature of this sport. it just really sounds like you got hater syndrome but at the end of the day thats just your opinion.

  4. Brandon Villatuya says:

    I am a huge Gary Russell Jr fan and honestly thought he would be too fast. But I’m proud of Magsayo for getting the win for my people 🇵🇭

    • N Solano says:

      @richard V. round four go watch his magsayo lands right hand in Gary’s right shoulder and he got hurt. Fuck russel then for taking the fight Injured. Y’all never said this when Pacquiao went into mayweather fight with a torn rotator cuff, and y’all saying Pacquiao got his ass beat LMAO. Floyd never gave Pacquiao the rematch cause he’s a bitch and don’t wanna fight a healthy Pacquiao

    • Chrisna 1311 says:

      @Antwain Dozier oh stfu Magsayo was more dangerous when Russell had a jab. Magsayo was using russell’s jab to time him

    • Noel Noel says:

      @Josue Melena is not about race but Russell did that cringy African bs intro yesterday. Hold that L .

    • Damon Delgado says:

      @N Solano  you could be right..I’m gonna rewatch it. Maybe re-aggravated his injury, but that’s props to magsayo. Just wish he kept hitting his shoulder and circling to the left more. He wouldve taken a knee and quit if he just kept smashing his shoulder up repeatedly

    • Antwain Dozier says:

      @Chrisna 1311 everybody’s strong in the first couple of rounds that’s a fact and I’m not saying he was not dangerous but he could not stop a one on man I know what was going to happen to him but he got the victory I’m not taking that away from him but I think in Russell heading out of heard his shoulder the way he has started making him Miss he would have put him down

  5. Mike says:

    respect to how Gary Russel took the loss. He seemed un-phased and very strong minded.

    Congrats to Magsayo! A star was born tonight

  6. mikerivero says:

    Magsayo looks like he has a lot of power punches. He seems to be in his prime now.

  7. GASUL "CHULING" says:


    • paul john arizo says:

      @Dave John jnr who deserves the belt then? Keep the belt to Russel? Lol

    • GASUL "CHULING" says:

      @Dave John jnr regardless if there’s injury or none, the bout was still on & both fighters had nothing to dealt with it unless Russel choose to cancel the fight. Magsayo just did his job as a fighter and he deserved the result. It’s not Magsayo’s fault though if russel has injury. Hopefully there’s rematch.

    • eRa Zehstro says:

      @Dave John jnr he deserved it 100%. its not his problem russell came in knowing he had an injury. even before the injury showed, magsayo was already beating him…. with magsayo being champ, we now know someone will actually defend the belt instead of Garys, 5 defenses in his 6 and a half years as champ. Tank won his fight one handed, he deserved it? if isaac cruz ended up winning would it have been a fluke? dont flip the script for your favorite fighters. learn boxing chump

    • Dave John jnr says:

      @paul john arizo shut up paul

    • Real PGO says:

      @paul john arizo yea he was injured

  8. Jhon Herwin Sibay says:

    There’s no question there’s no doubt, the magnificent takes Russell Jr. clearly in this fight. Magsayo is improving I mean jezz! I felt that body shots.

  9. Ty Cen says:

    Magsayo needs to develop his left hand and footwork. He boxed well the 1st 3 rounds before the injury and was landing at a high percentage. Props to russel a lot of fighters would quit after a hand injury but he continued fighting despite it.

  10. PoRkTeSiNo RN says:

    Sean is such a good boss. His support to his fighter is overwhelming.

    • Erwin 1234 says:

      It was a powerful punch to the shoulder that messed up the shoulder.

    • Jonathan Kidder says:

      Magsayo is Sean Gibbons boss. Its the other way around. The fighter employs the manager.

    • Toto Nel says:

      True baby…

    • king 360 says:

      The Gibbons are greedy for money. How many Filipino boxers he had robbed at least 4 including Casimero . He has a case to settle in court with 3 non Filipino fighters. He chooses the Filipino because we are good hearted people and he takes advantage of that.

    • Raider Warrior says:

      Sean is not the boss. He works for the Boxers.
      Damn, you Pinoys with your inferiority complex do loves to worship your masters

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