A Packers Fan Live Reaction to the 49ers Loss (NFL Divisional Round)

A Packers Fan Live Reaction to the 49ers Loss (NFL Divisional Round)

This hurt


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36 Responses

  1. Thomas Erickson says:

    You mentioned bad special teams. Packers had 10 men on the field for the final field goal.

    • Go Birds says:

      32nd ranked special teams heading into the game

    • Minh Nguyen says:

      @GodlessSociety and youre acting like this defense is the steel curtain or 2000s ravens. Im saying rodgers shouldve scored more, he deserves blame instead of scapegoating it to the rest of the team

    • Kalim says:

      this reminds me of when the chargers had #1 defense and offense, but didnt make the playoffs bc their special teams unit was SO bad

    • Seabass • 62 years ago says:

      It was just good special teams by the 9ers

    • redfire says:

      Yep, reminded me of the Bears 2018 season where the Bears refused to deal with getting a kicker who did not hit the uprights…Parkey hit the upright 4 times in one Lions game that season…of course they didn’t and you had the, ‘double doink’, as a result…I understand your pain…you had a Super Bowl calibre team in 2021 but cause they refused to deal with special teams they lose a game 999 times out of 1000 they would otherwise win…I guess Tampa wins now?

  2. Nicholas Harshbarger says:

    From a Steelers fan: I know your pain. To lose a playoff game in the season where the window is truly closed afterwards hurts, bad. Sorry it had to end like that, but that’s football.

    • Silent Priest says:

      TBH we didnt even expect you guys to even make the playoffs. Steelers Fans should be grateful but cursing Big Bens name cause he put you guys in a terrible spot to get a good QB in the draft.

    • 1st Amendment or Die 1776 says:

      Wait till you guys have 5 losing seasons and no playoffs now.

    • Santino Hartford says:

      @Ryan Blanche I personally hope they try to get Haskins up and running out of who they have at this point. Josh Dobbs second.

      I really hope we try to trade and manage to actually get something out of Mason Rudolph before he ends up in free agency (i think we still have 1 more year that he’s on the team?)

    • Hiram Rosa Jr says:

      This isn’t the same

    • Joe says:

      @Nicholas Harshbarger that was good. I like how Rodgers stood up for himself. Leftists do it but conservatives cant?

  3. philis05 says:

    Tom Grossi: “I can’t f-in believe this”

    Also Tom: “Please… Anyone but Brady”

  4. Andrew Wykes says:

    I was watching the stream. While I’ve only just started following NFL, I totally understand how much that hurts from watching my Aussie Rules team come so close, so many times. You handled that a hell of a lot more graciously than I would have. I’m sorry mate.

  5. Insanity Trials says:

    these playoffs are already proving to be as completely insane and unpredictable as the regular season. This felt like the most obvious game outside of steelers/chiefs.

    • Kelsie Parks says:

      If Tampa and KC lose…. oh baby.

    • Lydia 'Void' Valentino says:

      @Kelsie Parks Best timeline

    • Go Vegan says:

      Obvious what…that the pack would loose. He is 0-4 against the niners. This is why the pack lost arrogant, paper tigers. Go back and watch week 3, that should have told you this was going to be a close game. Bet you thought that about the Cowboys game too right. Hahahahahaha go niners!!!!

    • Go Vegan says:

      Everything must go through the West!!!!

    • Insanity Trials says:

      @Go Vegan No I wasnt nearly as confident in the cowboys, they’d been much less consistent than the packers. Be honest, based on all factors (prior record, conditions, the packers bye, skill positions, having a better qb) there was no reason to assume the 9ers would win this. It’s an impressive upset no doubt, but it’d still pick the bucs over them going forward just as an observer with no attachment.

  6. Taco Bell says:

    As much sadness as this brings, and it does feel like the end of an era, I remember Favre’s last game as a Packer throwing an interception his last pass and losing the game in overtime in the NFC Championship. I literally cried myself to sleep that night. No lie. That actually broke my heart as a child. But now we wait and see what happens next year and beyond. Go Pack Go!

    • SIP says:

      Same same same here. I remember that game like it was yesterday. Favre looked freezing cold and wasn’t playing well but somehow we had a chance in OT …. Ugh that game hurt. That was such a great season too !!

    • Sarcon says:

      There was no one in front of him. He could have run for the first down and won the game right there. Rodgers is on the same path as Favre. Gonna go to another team, fail and just fade away.

  7. Matthia Gryffine says:

    Currently awaiting Urinating Tree’s “Conglaturations, Titans and Packers” video. It wouldn’t surprise me if he puts them both in the same video because they both lost as 1 seeds, lost on last second field goals and had crazy things that set up said field goals.

  8. GFactor51 says:

    Love how he moves the phone closer because he knows Tree and Scooter will be calling!! Takes the loss on the chin like a champ! Love ya Tom, much respect sir!

  9. The Trickshot Legend says:

    As a bears fan this may seem evil, but I was laughing so hard at this, for Aaron Rodgers being such an asshole to the bears and me having to go through all these years of pain. This was the greatest experience ever in football for me.

  10. Bklynkid52 says:

    “Kick is up…”
    “We lose.”
    That made me laugh way too hard.

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