Lowriding Cars in Compton!

Lowriding Cars in Compton!

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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47 Responses

  1. anal beads says:

    this man’s ability to find little people is unmatched.

  2. Hella Firme says:

    Yo Danny, we’d love to collaborate with you, we have a group of Lowriders local to Bradenton/Sarasota which is not too far from Englewood and have been watching you for years ! Let’s make something pop here in Florida like in Cali ! 😎🏝

  3. Noel Jimenez says:

    That guy thinking Danny is actually Shaun white was the funniest thing of this video😂

  4. Ben Torres says:

    Danny’s ability to fit in anywhere is amazing.

  5. Mike says:

    Danny needs his own lowrider now

  6. Laccroy says:

    Danny went from being poor not having water or electricity for weeks look at him now you can do whatever you put your mind to

  7. CezaMVO says:

    I need a kewon behind his life documentary. Being a black little person must have been double hard. The hood ain’t gonna go easy on you regardless what you got going on.

    • Umi says:

      @Finesse105 Don’t talk shit either mate you got posted on reddit btw lmfao it’s not hard for reddit to find ya😂

    • Victor says:

      @Umi so what you and your reddit neckbeard friends gon do huh?

    • Aaron Thomas says:

      @Victor as a Reddit neck beard, we don’t associate with 8k setup over here 😂. That’s insecurities 101.

    • Venture says:


    • Fuel Vakz says:

      @Umi drop your set & your hood, La Raza Southwest 💯 years, you niggas love shouting out you’re from the hood until its time to drop the set then its “oh i just stay there”

      Never fucking once met somebody whose active that only yells out the hood & not the set

  8. lol says:

    Danny makes friends with just about anyone.

  9. M vN says:

    Danny’s just pure good vibes and authenticity. Fits in everywhere cause he’s who he is. Everyone loves real.

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